search icon.jpgThe Supplier Catalog Revision form has been enhanced in the 9.2 release.  Previously, when a record  was selected on the Work with Supplier Catalog application, the selection criteria was not carried over to the Supplier Catalog revisions form. All records for the given supplier and catalog were displayed.


With the enhancement in 9.2, a new field Item Number has been added in the Work with Supplier Catalog form. If this field contains a value, then the supplier catalog revisions form will only show records for that item, supplier and catalog; otherwise if left blank, all records for catalog and supplier will be displayed on the revisions form. Also if item number is entered in header field, then updation or creation of records is allowed for only that item.


For additional information, see E1: 43: Supplier Catalog Revision (P41061|W41061B) Enhanced to Use Filter for Selection Criteria (Doc ID 1939654.1).