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Did you know that JDE has an option to use the master routing cross reference based on a given Branch Plant now? In the past, the costing applications/UBEs were only fetching one master routing for an item, irrespective of the branch/plant.


Following to JDE Application Release 9.2, Update 3, the bellow costing applications have been modified to use the correct master routing cross reference defined for a specific Branch/Plant:

R30812 - Cost Simulation

R30835 - Frozen cost update

R30801 - Costing Exceptions

P30208 - Costed Routing Inquiry


The system checks for a cross-reference for an item in the branch/plant now.

  • If it finds a cross-reference, the program uses master routing.
  • If it does not find a cross-reference, the system uses the routing defined for the parent item and checks the next item in the branch/plant for a cross-reference.

The absence of any cross-reference items in the same branch as the parent items implies that master routing does not exist for the selected branch/plant.


More details on this new feature can be found in Branch Specific Master Routing For Costing Applications and UBE's (Doc ID 2332810.1).

There are lot of JD Edwards clients running their production and shop floor activities 24 x 7.  When having such situations, especially when using standard costing (07) work orders, certain best practices need to be considered for avoiding unnecessary variances or other integrity issues on the financial side.


An important part of the issues discovered during WO closure or later on, during the G/L Posting (R09801) can be avoided by refraining from doing any cost rollup changes while production work orders are still open and most important the unaccounted units are not cleared.


A detailed explanation of each situation that can potentially trigger incorrect financial results is detailed under solution R30835 Running Manufacturing Costing and Accounting Programs While Running Shop Floor 24/7 (Doc ID 1374908.1).

This feature became available on JDE 9.0 and it was designed to allow correct journal entries creation for the combination between standard costed parent items and weighted average costs raw materials.

JDE earlier releases recorded integrity issues between Item Ledger (F4111) and the General Ledger (F0911) when above situation occurred.


The logic for Manufacturing Accounting Mixed Mode was implemented within the Inventory Issues business function (Material Issue Processing - B3104180).


The major change brought by this functionality is that the unaccounted units (F3111.CTS1) and the unaccounted amounts (F3111.CTS4) will be recorded based on the 02 cost defined in the Cost Revisions (P4105) for the raw materials.


More details on this feature can be found in R31802A Mixed Mode Mfg Acctg (Actual Cost Components used with Standard Cost Parents) (Doc ID 1384191.1).

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