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The Expense Management system offers a flexible way to define GL Expense Accounts for each expense category and business unit type using the Account Mapping Definition program (P20106).


For example, a company uses account 8740 to record expenses for airfare except when the business unit represents a project. For projects, the company uses account 1362 to track airfare. To achieve this, two records need to be entered in Account Mapping Definition (P20106) for that expense category, one for all Business Unit types, and one where the Business Unit Type for projects is specified.


Image 4.png


The system will concatenate the Business Unit (data dictionary item MCU) from each expense to the Object and Subsidiary to establish the expense account to be used for the reimbursement voucher or time card.


For more detailed information on Expense Management Account Mapping see How to Set Up Expense Management Account Mapping (P20106) (Doc ID 663420.1).

The latest Advisor Webcast on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management System (09E) showcases the module’s features and illustrates how to setup it up to meet your business needs.


The Expense Management System is designed to help companies effectively manage reimbursement requests.


The solution allows you to successfully manage a range of financial transactions that are commonly entered by employees. You can organize, maintain, record, and analyze expense information:

  • Define and organize employees who can enter expense information
  • Define expense policies
  • Enter expense reports
  • Revise and approve expense reports
  • Audit expense reports
  • Reimburse employee expenses


For more detailed information, you can play the recording of the webcast or review a PDF of the presentation. To find these:

  1. Go to knowledge article Advisor Webcast JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1450327.1)
  2. Click on the tab named ‘Archived 2015’
  3. Scroll down to September 16
  4. Then either click on the webcast title ‘JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Introduction to Expense Management’, or on the recording or PDF links for this webcast.


You can also review these knowledge articles for more information on the Expense Management Module:

  • Information Center: Using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management Product (Doc ID 1356019.2)
  • Overview of Expense Management Solution (system 09E) (Doc ID 661561.1)

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