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Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAIs) are the backbone to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne accounting system. You can think of AAIs as a set of rules where each one is associated to a specific account in the Account Master (F0901) and is used to determine what accounts should be used for specific transactions and postings. For example, there are AAIs that determine the Bank Account used on a voucher or an invoice during entry, or the Trade Account during posting of the transaction. Each AAI works as a different rule. EnterpriseOne has AAIs that for taxes, discounts, gain and loss, and much more.


Automatic Account Instructions are defined in application Work with Automatic Accounting Instructions (P0012) and there are specific AAIs hard coded to be used as different rules. For example, “PB” is used for determining the Accounts Payable Bank Account. The “PKL” AAI item is also used in Accounts Payable, but it is used to determine the posting account when a discount amount is lost during payment.


Depending on the AAI Item, you can also use GL offsets, Currency Codes, ranges of accounts and adjustment codes as suffixes to create a more flexible accounting system. Which AAI is used is determined based on a hierarchy and can vary depending on the AAI in question.


For more information on the AAIs in Accounts Payable, including a video, visit How To Set Up Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAIs) Within EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable (P0012) [Video](Doc ID 1991354.1).


If you are having issues with AAIs in Accounts Payable, please review our new Troubleshooting Automatic Accounting Instructions Within EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable (P0012)(Doc ID 1991402.1).


Need more information on Accounts Receivable AAIs? Review Overview and Set Up of Accounts Receivable Automatic Accounting Instructions (P0012) [Video](Doc ID 1982411.1). Or are you having an issue related to AAIs in AR? Review the new Troubleshooting Account Receivable Automatic Accounting Instruction AAI Errors (P0012, R09801)(Doc ID 1983922.1).

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