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Record Reservation:

Make sure that following applications are added under  UDC "00/RR," (Record Reservation) and having Special Handling Code '1'

Applications:(P48013,,P3111,P3112,P31113,P311221,P31114,P31123,P3002,P3003,P3006,P31116,P31P001,P31225), (P3157-Special Handling code should be blank)

Batch Applications:(R31410,R31422 & R31802A)


Product Costing:

Run the Integrity Analysis program (R30601) immediately after a data conversion, or often when BOMs are entered, changed or deleted.

It is strongly suggested to run the Integrity Analysis program before running the Simulate Rollup (R30812).


Frozen Update (R30835) and WIP Revaluation (R30837) should not be run when the shop floor is in operation.

Stop shop floor operations/transactions. These include material issues, hours and quantities entry and update, completions and Order Processing (R31410).

Resume shop floor transactions once R30835/R30837 is completed.


Never run Frozen Cost Update (R30835) with Open Unaccounted units.

Run Mfg Acctg R31802A in final mode to clear unaccounted units and write journal entries for shop floor transactions.


Cost Simulation may be run while the shop floor is operating, with the exception of BOM Integrity (R30601), BOM (P3002) or Routing (P3003) updates.



Never run Manufacturing Accounting (R31802A) and  Frozen cost update R30835 / WIP revaluation R30837 at the same time.


R30812,R30835 & R31804 must be run in single-threaded job queue.

When two distinct submissions of this UBE are waiting for one another to complete its processing of a table, a deadlock may occur.




How the Labor Accrual amount (3401) is treated?

Amount accrued under labor accrual account (3401) is a liability amount that comes under balance sheet accounts and that should be knocked off during payroll processing.


What to do with amount booked under variance accounts?

Variance accounts comes under income statement accounts Amount booked under these accounts along with COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) is considered to calculate profit & loss statement during year end processing.

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