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Looking for a way to track bill of material history. New to 9.2 you can track BOM history base on parent items or parent items and specific components.


We will now be writing the Bill of Material Change (F3011) file for all changes and additions based on a manufacturing constants setting for logging bill of material changes under the BOM/Routing Options.


BOM Changes can be viewed from the following three places:

  • Directly from menu G3011 Daily PDM Discrete under BOM Change History (P3011)
  • Form exit from Bill of Material (P3002) (W3002H) for BOM History
  • After selecting the Bill of Material (W3002A) the user can access the BOM History again from the Form exit. Here the user also has the option under the Row exit to view the Bill of Material changes by parent/component for Component History.


With the installation of the ESU for Bug 29200369 users can make use of application P3011 (BOM Change History) from E1 9.2 release. For more details, please review 9.2 Enhancement Bill of Material Change History P3011/F3011 (Doc ID 2564776.1).

Manufacturing works with Actual Cost 09 items, which may need extra costs added to their base (09) costs. Extra costs can be added to Actual Cost (09) items using the Cost Components (P30026) application (Form W30026B) Enter Cost Components even though Actual Cost items do not have nor use frozen costs. Since Actual Cost items do not have Simulated and Frozen costs, X (extra) costs will be added manually directly into the P30026 as simulated and frozen values which neither require running R30812 (Simulation) and R30835 (Freeze).


  • Both Simulated Net Added/Simulated Total and Frozen Net Added/Frozen Total can be added as the application P30026 will open the frozen fields based on the cost method being used 09
  • Also, Factors and Rates can be used.


The cost type values can be user defined from the UDC 30/CA. All cost types must be identified in UDC 30/CA and cannot be A, B or C as these are reserved (hard coded) for Material, Labor and Overhead. Specify amounts for the extra costs to use and populate both Simulated Net Added/Simulated Total and Frozen Net Added/Frozen Total, which will be available to populate as mentioned before. Otherwise, Simulated Rates/Simulated Factors can be used to establish an X cost.


Note: As stated above the Simulation R30812 or Freeze R30835 do not have to be run as Actual Costed items do not have frozen costs.


For more information please see Actual Cost Setup for EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 798903.1).

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