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If you haven't already watched this Advisor webcast please go check it out. It is an overview of the new Simplified Diagnostics Collector process and contains the Solution that outlines all requirements and functionality.


Advisor Webcast Recording: JD Edwards Enterprise One (JDE E1) - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Simplified Diagnostics Tool for EnterpriseOne and later held August 6, 2019 [Video] (Doc ID 2565402.1)


Here are some additional resources for Simplified Diagnostics Collector:

Starting with Tools Release we have the following improvements in Page Composer:


Overview of the the Page Composer Enhancements:

  • When using the EnterpriseOne Application option in Page Composer the designer now have the opportunity to choose the Personal Form and/or Query available to the selected form/version.
  • For Applications Tiles the designer now can choose the Personal Form and/or Query available for the form/version.
  • There is a new content type for composite pages called Menu Pane.


This information is detailed in E1: E1PAGE: How to Create, Manage, Edit Composite Pages with E1Page Composer with Tools Release and Newer (Doc ID 2098201.2)


For more information on the latest Tools Releases available, access the Update Center and select EnterpriseOne Tool Releases from the left menu.

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