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Ever wondered how useful and convenient it would be if the citizen developers can add the required row or form exits themselves in web client rather than depending on the developer to do it in Form Design Aid (FDA)? Yes! you can do it now! Starting with, we can add form and row exits in a form within the form extension framework in web client. These exits can then be associated with form interconnects to access the required target forms.


Though it might not be a perfect use case, we will be adding a row exit in Customer Service Inquiry (P4210|W4210E) to call Work With Item Master Browse (P4101|W4101E) for demonstration.


To start with, access the form extension manager in P4210|W4210E. Form Extension Manager has a new Manage Exits button as shown below:


Clicking on Manage Exits button opens up the below Mange Exits wizard. Here you can select Form or Row as required. In this example, we are going to select Row and then going to add a new row exit named Item Master under the existing Item row exit.


Expand the arrow next to Item and click on the Add button. Here you can give the exit name which we are giving as Item Master. Then click on the Configure Exit gear to open up the wizard to define the form interconnection.


In the Associate Form Interconnect screen, define the application name, form name, version name and the display mode for the form interconnection. Here we have defined P4101|W4101E|XJDEB0001 with Popup option. Then click Next button.


In the next screen, you can define the inputs for the form interconnect data structure. You can click on the Mapping Input field for a specific data structure member and then select the required field from the parent application to map. Here we are clicking on Mapping Input for szIdentifier2ndItem(LITM) and mapping it with 2nd Item Number grid column from P4210|W4210E. You can also hard-code the value by entering a specific value in Input Value column. Click Save. Then save the form extension.


Now we have a new row exit called Item Master in P4210|W4210E.


Accessing that row exit for a specific grid row brings up the corresponding item in Item Master screen as a popup window.



  • As this is an additional feature within form extension, the required users need to have the view security for the corresponding form extension to see these additional exits added
  • The input fields in the form interconnect definition are coming from the form data structure for the specific target form. You cannot add any additional fields here using this feature
  • Mapping the specific input fields does not guarantee that the same value will be populated in the target form as this depends on how the target form is designed in FDA


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