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As a reminder, ensure your Line Type (P40205) set up always includes use of the D Inventory Interface.


The D Inventory Interface is required in order to maintain order integrity between both the Sales Order and Purchase Order.  Downstream issues within the sales process can occur. For example, if your SD sales order is placed on hold, this hold is carried to the related purchase order. However, if using an Inventory Interface other than D (Y or N), releasing the sales order from Release Held Orders (P43070) application, will not release the hold on the related purchase order.


Full details and setup is in Direct Ship Orders (Doc ID 625588.1).

The Sales Order Entry (P42101) application functionality for Edit Full Header button will be revised to match the functionality in P4210. The new P42101 functionality brings more consistency between P4210 and P42101 for users.


Upon further review by Oracle Support and Development teams, Enhancement Bug 18867917 will now be implemented as a Code Bug and the ESU is expected to be available by January 3, 2017.


Prior to the change, only changed header values were pushed to newly added detail lines when the Edit Full Header button was invoked.  Existing lines retained their original values.


Now when using the Edit Full Header button, revised values will be pushed to all detail lines in both Add and Update modes.


The revised functionality is included in the following bugs:

9.1 Bug 18867917

9.2 Bug 25218246


P42101 Edit Header Changes Not Auto Updating Detail (Doc ID 1678566.1) has more information on this change.

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