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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the steps to edit the layout of a shared One View report. Doc ID 2606394.1.

Reader.pngWhen creating EDI 820 payments using Create A/P Bank Tape - EDI Format UBE (R47052T), information on an intermediary bank needs to be submitted as well as the supplier’s own bank information.  This is because some suppliers are paid via an intermediary bank. This new KM document talks about how you can add the intermediary bank information to the EDI files for EDI 820 payments. Doc ID 2605750.1.

Reader.pngA new Processing Option has been added to the Calculate Withholding UBE (R04580) to specify whether the system uses the taxable amount or the gross amount to calculate the withholding amount. See this new KM document to get information about the ESU needed to implement this functionality. Doc ID 2605689.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides a way to create equal payments for suppliers and maintain the "over/under" balance. Doc ID 2605256.1.

cnt2066138.jpgWant to enable your sales personnel to more quickly create orders for regular customers and frequently ordered items? The #JDEdwards Order Guides enhancement can help, and it requires no modifications to the base Sales Order Entry application. Read how it works here:

workshop.jpgSee #Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in action with your #JDEdwards applications, and interact with product experts live! Attend this Oracle Cloud virtual lab on December 18 and see how easy it is to migrate your JD Edwards applications to OCI. Register here:

OLL.jfifGenerate a sales proposal in #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne with the BI Publisher feature of proposal generation. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how:

YouTube.pngHave you seen the new #Orchestrator Studio? It is available with Tools release 9.2 Update 4. Don’t miss out. It will transform how you use your #JDEdwards system. Watch this video to learn more -

In years past, there were rounding issues do to the Data Decimal precision between the CTS1 Unaccounted Unit fields in various manufacturing files set to (2 display decimals) VS TRQT Transaction Qty in various manufacturing files set to (4 display decimals). The precision difference between the two has notoriously caused incorrect journal entries, pennies left in the WIP account, and integrity issues between the Cardex F4111 and G/L F0911.  Don’t worry these type of rounding issues can now be addressed in E1 Manufacturing Accounting. The information in the below document explains the functionality of the new Display Decimal Conversion Program (R8931CTSX), and how it’s obtained.


Refer to:

  • CTSx Display Decimal Conversion Program (R8931CTSX) (Doc ID 2481837.1)
  • CTSx Display Decimal Conversion Program (R8931CTSX) (Doc ID 2529405.1)

Have you ever searched endlessly for fields in Databrowser or interactive applications?  Searching for fields can be very time consuming. A time saving trick to easily and quickly locate fields in Databrowser and applications is to use the CTRL+F keyboard function.  When the CTRL+F (short for Find) function is performed, a dialog box will open.  Simply type in the field name in the dialog box and the field being searched for will highlight in yellow as shown below.  Click next to view all the fields that contain the name being searched for.


Here is an example in Databrowser:


Here is an example in an interactive application:

Hopefully this tip will save you time searching for fields in the future.

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog to get in-depth knowledge about how to set up accounting information for #JDEdwards Joint Venture Management -

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KathieS -Oracle

LearnJDE: Upgrade

Posted by KathieS -Oracle Dec 5, 2019

LearnJDE_new.pngWhat is the first step to automate #JDEdwards? Upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2. Visit LearnJDE to know everything #JDE has to offer with 9.2

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