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A little known feature in SWM Case Management is the ability to bill for cases to a customer who is not set up with a warranty entitlement. The functionality is easy to enable and it allows the system to create a workfile (F4212) record that ultimately is converted into a an invoice. As with service work orders and service warranty contracts, the Case Management billable system integrates with Service Billing (48S) and Accounts Receivable (03B).


Case Management offers two billing methods:

  1. Time and Material - captured using the Case Time Entry (P17505) application
  2. Flat Rate - captured at the case header level in the Billing Information screen.


For a quick explanation of how the process flow works, refer to Doc ID 1487595.1, and click on the link titled "Billing for Cases".

With the introduction of CafeOne in Tools Release 9.1.3, the Longitude and Latitude fields linked to the equipment number can be useful for managing physical asset locations. As maps can be part of CafeOne layouts, this data can be used to render the map location.


See how an organization and leverage this functionality in Equipment Master Setup and Processing (Doc ID 1392538.1) under the section Latitude and Longitude.

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