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Have you ever received a request from the business to have some changes in the Sales Order Entry (P4210) form, to make it friendly for the user? Or from the buyer who have to deal with lots of purchase orders everyday and could perform their job faster and easier if an specific screen only displays the data they are interested to see?


You can make that available to the user with not much work and no customization required at all. The answer is in Personal Forms / Defined Queries. You will find more details in Understanding Personal Forms Available in 9.2.1 Tools Release and Newer (Doc ID 2204303.1). Make the difference for your business today!

Have you been thinking of a way to have the invoice for your international customer printed in the language of their country? That is possible and simple, with a quick setup in the language preference on the Address Book for your customer. In the Customer Master, access the customer address book to revise it and then, on the Additional 1 tab set the Language field to the specific language for your customer. When printing the invoice using Invoice Print (R42565) application, the description will be printed in the language you have setup on customer master.

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