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ESU JN17107  (Bug 29500686) contains a major enhancement that manufacturing customers have been requesting. 


The completion of this enhancement provides Work Order Activity Rules functionality for manufacturing.


This is similar to what is provided for equipment maintenance and sales and purchase order processing, which defines the allowable steps that an order can take from beginning to end.


These Work Order Activity Rules for Manufacturing include:  

  • A Manufacturing Constants control to turn on Work Order Activity Rules for a specific branch.    If you don’t want or need this new functionality, it can be off, and this also provides a smooth transition as rules would not be turned on until the set up is complete.
  • Set-up application for creating Order Type/Doc Type combination Work Order Activity Rules that defines Next Status and Other Allowed Statuses.
  • Status Validation per Activity Rules. With the Activity Rules Flag in Manufacturing Constants set to ‘Y’:
    • Status changes are validated against activity rules, when an update status is specified that is not in the status flow, a hard error is generated
    • Beginning status is retrieved from activity rules if none is specified in a processing option
    • Status is updated according to activity rules if ‘*’ is specified in a processing option
    • For reports, when specified new status is not in the status flow, the record is printed on an exception report and not processed

Routes, also known as a Loop, is a type of Preventative Maintenance set-up that allows multiple assets to be combined on one service. On the PM Schedule (P1207) application, enter the equipment number (e.g. 123), select a service record, and Row Exit to ‘Routes’. On the Equipment Routes screen, input the various equipment number records into the grid that should come due at the time the service comes due. 


Again, Routes will combine multiple assets on one service. When a work order is created for the service that comes due for equipment 123, that work order will also list the other equipment numbers that were entered on the Route, and all the equipment records will be listed on the work order to perform the same service for all equipment records listed.


For more information, please see:

  • Troubleshooting Preventive Maintenance (PM), PM Work Orders, Route or Loop Issues (Doc ID 656850.1)
  • How To Group Equipment Items To A Single PM Schedule Using Maintenance Loop Functionality (Doc ID 1983274.1)

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