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Supplier Release Scheduling (SRS) or Vendor Release Scheduling (VRS) can be used as part of MRP plan where planning and location information about items are shared real time with vendor or supplier so that vendors can replenish the items when needed. Examples of industries using this would commonly include those importing global food stuffs, harvested crops, Industries sourcing goods with very long lead times.  Industries with limited storage capability could use this for long lead-time large Configured project part scheduling. SRS will process Order (O), Order & Expedite (B), & Increase Order Quantity (G) message types only.


The see Understanding Supplier Release Scheduling (SRS) (Doc ID 637829.1) for detailed insight on this functionality.

After generating production plan using MRP, have you ever wondered if we have enough resource capacity to execute the production plan in the shop floor successfully? Capacity Requirement Planning (R3382) can be used to calculate / identify current total available capacity and compare it against the planned capacity to validate if you have enough capacity to execute the production plan. This helps planners to decide if they need to make changes to production plan and/or use alternate/additional resources for planning. The following documents explains how to setup and execute capacity requirement planning for effective manufacturing planning.


Capacity Requirements Planning Setup and Overview (Doc ID 1433142.1)

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) FAQ (Doc ID 870316.1)

Kanban is one of the supply chain tools used in a pull based supply chain system to streamline material flow, reduce inventory and waste by triggering replenishment order in fixed quantities (determined by the user) as and when needed by using Kanban signals . There are different types of Kanban which aides in Kanban replenishment. The following documents will help to setup and execute Kanban master, Kanban types and Kanban process.

  • How to Set Up a Kanban Master P3016 in 8.10 Onward (Doc ID 1111543.1)
  • Kanban Check-In/Check-Out in 8.10 Forward (Doc ID 1108505.1)

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