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The firm and planned orders is a result of an MRP run, but is an idealized infinite capacity plan.  For production work, the plan can be validated by considering the planned and released load on capacity. For vendor supply orders, the plan can be validated against a vendor (blanket) agreement order and vendor supplier constraints.


Validate Production Work:

1.  R3382 Capacity Requirements Planning Setup and Overview (Doc ID 1433142.1)

Capacity planning is the process of checking if there are sufficient resources available to complete the scheduled material or production plan on time and in full.  Setting up capacity planning is the process of defining what capacity is available and reviewing the critical areas where capacity constraints exist.  If insufficient capacity is available the user must alter the plan or the capacity manually.


    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capacity Planning module comprises:

       Resource Requirements Planning (RRP)

       Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)

       Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)


2. R3382 Capacity Requirements Planning Quick Test Setup (Doc ID 651330.1)

This is a checklist to follow when first testing or troubleshooting CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning).  It will enable users to quickly setup and test R3382.


Validate Vendor Schedules:

Vendor schedule constraints can be established and a schedule generated that meets business requirements and vendor agreement constraints.  Supply quantities are then released from the blanket order quantity in a manner that is visible to both the supplier and to the business.


1. Understanding Supplier Release Scheduling (SRS) (Doc ID 637829.1)

This document will provide full details of the Supplier Release Scheduling (SRS) process, including processing options, Adhoc Scheduling etc.


2.  Supplier Release Scheduling (SRS) Quick Setup (Doc ID 651602.1)

This document lists the steps to aid the user through the Supplier Release Scheduling process.

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