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Many JD Edwards customers have been implementing methods to automate Accounts Payable by eliminating or reducing the use of manual Voucher Match (P0411/P4314) processing.


Most customers are aware of EDI processing of procurement vouchers (Inbound Invoice/Match (Doc ID 625507.1) and Voucher Match Automation (Doc ID 1499920.1). Not every customer is aware that the Evaluated Receipts (R43800) process (Doc ID 625420.1) can also be used to automate AP voucher processing without requiring the invoice be sent from the supplier in the form of a pre-formatted text file.


When run in “proof mode” the Evaluated Receipts (R43800) program will populate the EDI tables without creating the voucher right away. Consider the flexibility this offers:

  1. The invoice number can be changed to match the number used on the supplier’s paper invoice.
  2. If there are added lines for freight, taxes or discounts on the paper invoice sent from the supplier, they can be added in the EDI tables (F47042 and F47044).
  3. If invoice amounts are different than the amounts on the receipt, the amounts can also be changed.
  4. Tolerance checking can also be done without requiring manual voucher entry for more information see Need To Set Up Tolerance Checking While Performing Voucher Match In Evaluated Receipt Processing (Doc ID 2691822.1).


After all the changes are made to the EDI tables, running the EDI Invoice Match (R470412) will automatically create the Voucher.


Evaluated Receipts (R43800) processing offers simpler implementation and more flexibility than EDI or Voucher Match Automation but it does not receive as much attention and is often overlooked. If you are considering ways to eliminate or reduce the use of manual Voucher Match (P0411/P4314) processing, make sure you look into Evaluated Receipts (R43800) processing.

Different states, countries or locations may have specific laws or regulations governing products that can or cannot be sold to and used by consumers or businesses within their jurisdiction. In these circumstances users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software need a way to setup the system to allow a product to be sold and shipped to one geographical location but to prevent a sales order from being created and shipped to a different geographical location where the product is prohibited.


We have always offered the ability to create an item exclude list, but that feature only works to restrict the sale by sold to customer address which is a significant limitation.


If you are allowed to ship an item to a customer in Colorado but prohibited from shipping it to the same customer in another state, you need a different approach. An innovative solution that will return a hard error at sales order entry when the ship to address is in a prohibited location has been adopted by many customers. For details on how to setup this functionality, please refer to Case Study – Restricting the Sale of Prohibited Items (Doc ID 2210855.1).

If you take credit cards, cash or check payments at the time of sales order entry, the sales order is prepaid and there is no need to collect a payment from the customer to retire their open accounts receivable invoice.


Normally Sales Update will automatically create an AR Ledger Record and a Debit to the AR Trade G/L Account even if the order has been prepaid.


If the Prepayment Tab processing options are set correctly the AR Batch Draft Creation (R03B671) will create Preauthorized Drafts at the time of Sales Update to retire the Accounts Receivable obligation automatically. When the AR Batch Draft Creation (R03B671) runs, it will record the payment against the AR Ledger invoice created by Sales Update and will also create a Credit Entry against AR Trade G/L Account leaving a net balance of $0 so that no money need be collected from the customer.

For details on how to setup this functionality, please refer to Case Study: How to Create Drafts at Sales Update for Prepaid Cash Sales Invoices (Doc ID 2361275.1). Although the example shown is for a Cash Sale, the functionality works equally well with Sales prepaid by Credit Card or Check.

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