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OLL.jfifWith #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2 Update 4, cash call management is now supported. To see the complete joint venture process and learn more about cash calls, review the “Creating and Managing Joint Ventures” learning path.

YouTube.pngBase form security is now available with #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2.4. Watch and learn how system administrators can secure the form to be the only interface when using form personalization to create a new user experience - 

LearnJDE_new.pngIf you missed the #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 4 announcement last week, view it now for information on #Orchestrator enhancements that drive digital process transformation, significant improvements in user experience, operational simplification features, updated platform certifications, and multiple application features, such as the complete Joint Venture Management solution and customer-driven ERP enhancements in Financials, Manufacturing, HCM and Order Management -

QXW.pngRegister now for Quest Experience Week’s JD Edwards Day on November 15 to gain insight into the latest hot features from #JDEdwards to help you drive your business forward to digital transformation. View the full agenda here -

Reader.pngThis new KM document details the steps to change the password for the user defined in jde.ini on Enterprise Server used to start the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne services (e.g. JDE). Doc ID 2594784.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document addresses frequently asked questions concerning EEO-1 Component 2. Doc ID 2591348.1.

Reader.pngAs of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 9.2, a new enhancement was added to allow selecting on All Vouchers, Posted Vouchers and Unposted Vouchers when selecting pay items for payment in the Manual Payment application (P0413M), form W0413ME. Find information about the ESU for the enhancement in this new KM document Doc ID 2591558.1.

QuestIcon2.png#JDEdwards digital platform acts as a foundation to streamline and optimize your business processes. Attend this Quest Oracle Community session on November 15 presented by Angela Enyeart to know everything about #JDE digital platform -

YouTube.pngReceive the latest #JDEdwards video notifications by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Press the bell icon -

undefinedGaining real-time insights from your vast stores of data while driving digital transformation puts technology executives at the center of an organization’s business strategy. In this article from Forbes, learn how to gain insights from other companies who have begun this journey -

Collab20_blk.pngCOLLABORATE 2020 is coming soon. Attending this event will help you transform your business through @Oracle roadmaps, over 1000+ user best-practice sessions, training, and certification opportunities, hands-on demos, and hundreds of partners and solutions. For more information visit

Reader.pngWith the enhancements delivered this month, we are announcing EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 4, which includes Orchestrator enhancements to drive digital process transformation, significant improvements in user experience, operational simplification features, along with updated platform certifications. Continuing our commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, we are also announcing the availability of the complete Joint Venture Management solution in addition to customer-driven ERP enhancements in Financials, Manufacturing, HCM and Order Management, along with legislative and localization updates. Check out the details in KM Doc ID: 2606348.1.

Reader.pngItalian entities are required to file Esterometro report from January 2019 onward for all purchase sale transactions with Non-Italian entities. This new KM document provides information about the enhancement request added to E1 for this functionality and provides links to th documentation to use it. Doc ID 2590066.1.

Reader.pngIt is possible to use the Equipment Time Billing functionality where an asset is billed to a job and subsequently an invoice is sent. The goal is to utilize the equipment rates set up in the P1301 and create T type journal entries from the P12110. The resulting journal entries would then move to the Service Billing workfile (F4812) to be available for invoicing and Accounts Receivable. This new KM document explains how to achieve this. Doc ID 2601302.1.

Reader.pngCheck payments have been issued, for example to business consultants, where the checks have never been cashed. The checks are then considered Unclaimed or Abandoned Property. This new KM document explains how these abandoned/unclaimed checks can be distinguished from any other payments, so that these can be included in a report if requested. Doc ID 2595908.1.

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