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The Voucher Match Automation (VMA) process enables invoices to be matched automatically to purchase order receipts, and for vouchers to be created.


The process creates a voucher for each line on a supplier invoice. This processing enables the system to process individual supplier invoice lines that have receipts ready to  be matched.

VMA makes it possible to set up and run an automated process to:

  • Create logged vouchers (optional).
  • Perform a 3-way voucher match to redistribute a previously created logged voucher.
  • Perform a 3-way voucher match to create a new voucher.
  • Suggest matches for invoice and receipt lines so that the user can review them prior to approving and performing the match.
  • Ability to create logged vouchers so that customers can book their liability earlier, as well as pay their suppliers prior to the receipt of goods.
  • A single batch job that can be run on a scheduler to process all of your captured invoices.
  • Manual processing is needed only for those invoices that cannot be matched automatically.
  • Improve productivity by:
    • Automatically matching invoices to purchase orders.
    • Optionally automatically creating logged vouchers.
    • Allowing customer’s staff to  deal only with exception invoices.
  • Improve customer-supplier relations:
    • Shorten invoice cycle time - pay the suppliers sooner.
    • Negotiate better payment terms .


The voucher match automation process makes it possible to automatically match invoices to purchase order receipts, and to create vouchers.


More information about the Voucher Match Automation (VMA), the different rules and the benefits of each one, can be found in document Doc ID 1499920.1.

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