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Sometimes there’s just no need (or time) to explore the features and flexibility offered by the EnterpiseOne Advanced Pricing module.


Consider using the Trade Discount option in your sales orders, for that ‘done and dusted’ approach. Users can set a fixed percentage discount for all lines on the order, by simply keying in the value at the time of order entry, or - by having it linked to the customer directly – having it apply automatically and saving the user some time.  Don’t worry – the Trade Discount overrides any line-level Advanced Pricing adjustments that would apply, so there’s no ‘double dipping’ into the discount bucket!


Additionally, this type of discount is instantly seen in the grid and on the sales invoice (R42565), so the customer can see what a great deal they’re getting.  The best part? The trade discount can be set to apply on top of a manually-entered price.


For more information on this simple but powerful tool, refer to Trade Discount Functionality in Advanced Pricing in Sales (Doc ID 1363196.1).

Did you know that you can have valuable sales information for your customers at your fingertips, just by setting an option in the P42101? There’s a little setup to be done behind the scenes, but this handy form is a one stop shop where the user can see the credit limit and total exposure, access available templates and make selections from them, and display the current order amount.


And if that wasn’t enough, how about the ability to show the client’s previous orders over a configurable time period, view and adjust margins, see item availability, override prices, and more?!


All these features are encapsulated under program ID P4015PE, which can be launched either from CRM processes or directly from the P42101. For more details on this feature see Setup Sales Order Entry (P42101) to use Order Guide (Doc ID 2506419.1).

Is your organization hampered by not being able to use Basket level price adjustments in Procurement? We heard you, and we’ve changed that in the 9.2 release. Now, all the features you know and love from Sales Order Basket Pricing are available for Purchase orders including interactive/batch/automatic repricing, Enhanced Baskets, and complex customer (supplier) groups, to name a few. Plus, you have the option to apply the adjustment during order entry or at receipt.


There is an ESU to install, but once that’s done, the functionality has the same look and feel as the Sales Order Basket processes, so you can hit the ground running. We even added a new UBE to tie it all together: Basket Level Pricing for Procurement program (R45750).


For full details see Basket Pricing for Procurement Enhancement Available (Doc ID 2290155.1). We’d love to show you how it all works in our Advisor Webcast, too. Mark your calendar for March 27th 2018 and register at Document ID 2357496.1.


New EnterpriseOne Basket Pricing for Purchase Orders – it’s a slam-dunk !!!

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