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The Copy Bill of Material (R3002CPY) off menu G3031 allows you to copy a bill of material from one branch/plant to another.


When you set up a new branch/plant, this functionality eliminates the need of manually setting up new bills of materials from start. The Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant program (R3002CPY) can be run in a Proof or Final mode. In both the modes, the program creates reports. The report edits items against the Item Branch (F4102) table and adds item records to the file if the item records do not already exist. The report lists the bill of material and items created during the process. When you run the program in the Final mode, the program updates all the necessary data in the Item Branch (F4102) table and Bill of Material Master (F3002) table.


Additional documentation can be found at JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Product Data Management Implementation Guide section 4.5.5 Understanding the Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant.

The work order mass update process enables selection of and modification to multiple work orders at the same time. The mass update process can be used for work orders that are assigned a work order type of 02 – 03 (manufacturing), 04 (equipment), 05 (service) and 10 (tenant) from the Order Type (48/OT) UDC table.


The Search for Work Orders (P48022) program can be used to search for and select the work orders that need to be modified, and then use the Work Order Mass Update program (P48714) to enter the new values that should be applied to the selected work orders. Alternatively, templates can be set up in the Work Order Mass Update Template program (P48710) to specify default values for the fields that need updating. After enter the new values, run the Work Order Mass Update batch program (R48714) in draft mode, verify the changes required, and then run the R48714 program in final mode to commit the changes to the database.


For more details, please review General Overview of Work Order Mass Update (Doc ID 1493492.1).

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