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A change  has recently been delivered to allow the Freight Update program (R4981) to continue processing even if a warning message is encountered.


Prior to this change, if a record was successfully processed but a warning message was encountered, the program would stop processing.


After the fix, new logic has been added in R4981 and N4900980 to perform the Order Status validation and bypass further processing of the Shipment/Delivery if the Sales Order's Order status validation fails.


For additional information, see Freight Update (R4981) Revised to Continue Processing When a Warning Message is Encountered (Doc ID 2366807.1)

Around this time of year we field many questions about the problems with the Received not Vouchered Account.  A few questions and answers follow:


Question 1:  We have open receipts where we paid the supplier using accounts payable or that we do not need to pay the supplier for. How can we clear the open RNV (Received Not Vouchered) from the receipts without reversing receipts?

Answer 1: In the case that receipts cannot or will not be reversed, the best way to clear the remaining RNV is to perform the following.

  1. Create a 3-way Voucher Match selecting the open receipt with Match Option 1.
  2. In the voucher add a second line (Match Option 4) for a negative amount. The account number used for the new line will be a business decision based on why the receipt is being closed. This negative line will offset with a Credit to the A/P trade account creating a zero-dollar voucher.
  3. Post the net zero-dollar voucher.

Note: Ensure that the added line is a negative lump sum amount (typically a J line type) with a valid Account Number. Also, set the P4314 processing options to NOT create a new line on the purchase order unless you want to wash the dollar amounts on the PO as well.

This information is also documented in Voucher Match FAQ (P0411 / P4314 ) (Doc ID 1305052.1).


Question 2: What tools are available to help analyze the Received not Vouchered Account?

Answer 2:  We have a set of programs that can be used to reconcile the Received Not Vouchered Account.  These are described in the following knowledge document:  Voucher Logging and Received Not Vouchered (RNV) Clearing Account Reconciliation (R09150)(Doc ID 986024.1)


In addition, there are some reports available:

  • R43450  Received not Vouchered Reconciliation Report


And if you have licensed One View, the following reports are available from  Program P43260 One View Purchase Order Receipts Inquiry:

  • Received not Vouchered by Company; Received Not Vouchered by Fiscal Period; Received Not Vouchered by Item; and Received Not Vouchered by Supplier

If your year end is December 31, it's not too early to make sure your encumbrances/commitments are in balance before running the R4317 Encumbrance Rollover or do any other year end activities! (Even if your year end is another month, it is never to early to confirm your accounts are in good shape!)


We have several tools and knowledge documents that will get you going.


Your first step, if possible, is to make sure you are "Code Current" on all objects that affect commitment/encumbrance processing. We have a Change Assistant Pre-Defined Query to help you get Code Current.  It is described in this knowledge document:

  • Change Assistant Pre-Defined Query For Encumbrance / Commitment Objects(Doc ID 1945124.1)


After making sure you are code current, the next step is to run the Commitment Integrity Report (R40910) in proof mode to get an idea of where you are. Depending on the results, here are some knowledge documents that will assist you:

  • Checklist for Troubleshooting Commitment/Encumbrance Integrity Issues (Doc ID 657403.1) Excellent document.  Step by step things to check to troubleshoot issues.  If you don't read anything else, read this one!
  • Encumbrance/Commitment Processing (Doc ID 625480.1) The basics of how Encumbrances/Commitments work
  • Commitment/Encumbrance Best Practices (Doc ID 646593.1An overview of all documents related to Encumbrance/Commitment processing
  • Commitment / Encumbrance FAQ (Doc ID 625641.1) An FAQ document that covers General, Integrity, and Purge, Rebuild, and Repost questions
  • Encumbrance Purge / Rebuild / Repost Process (Doc ID 625633.1) A good step-by-step overview of how to run this process to assist in fixing integrity problems.
  • Encumbrance Rollover (R4317) (Doc ID 625473.1) An explanation of the year end process of running the Encumbrance Rollover report.
  • Suggestion if R4317 Encumbrance Rollover Was Not Performed (Doc ID 1338685.1)


As always, please feel free to post general questions in Distribution - JDE1 (MOSC)

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