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Inventory Transfer is the common process in all types of industries. A transaction will be recorded for the inventory movements within the internal locations. There will be always two set of entries generated in GL for Inventory Transfers (IT) P4113, one is from From location and another is from To location.


Sometimes, the entries will not get properly created. There will be one sided transactions or the entries will get updated two or three times. Let's discuss on those issues in this post.


First Scenario (One Sided Transactions)


When there are multiple lines in the Inventory transfers, if the Invalid location error comes ,  the erroneous line will deleted and a new line will be added by the user. For this line From Location entries will not be updated. Issue was reported as a bug and it was fixed. The fix is available. Please refer to the document Not Updated From Location And Quantity But Updated To Location, When Using Delete Operation (Doc ID 1988441.1) and (Doc ID 2117264.1) to know more about this issue and the bug details.


Second Scenario (Additional One Sided Transactions)


This issue is similar to the above scenario, but here the TO LOCATION field is edited two times with incorrect location even after getting the Invalid Location error(3138) in the first edit and that erroneous line is deleted after second edit. Please refer to the document Inventory Transfer(P4113) Creates additional One Sided entries in General Ledger (F0911) and Cardex (F4111) (Doc ID 2497204.1)


Third Scenario (Additional One Sided Transactions Only in GL)


When entering Inventory Transfer (P4113) for a license plate item and when entering the incorrect quantity, Error 140LPN – Insufficient Quantity in LP is issued which is correct. However when correcting the quantity and saving the transaction there are duplicate F0911 journal entries created, one entry for the the incorrect quantity and 2 for the correct quantity. The cardex only has 2 entries although Journal entry line number is 2.0 and 3.0. Please refer to the document Inventory Transfer for License Plate Item generating Out of Balance GL Batch (Doc ID 2452890.1)


Fourth Scenario (Double Or Triple Transactions in GL)


When entering a transfer using P4113, Inventory Transfers, extra F0911 records are being created.  They are either being doubled or tripled depending on whether the warning "Item Location is not Found" is shown. Please refer to the document F0911 Entries are Being Doubled or Tripled when Creating a Transfer using P4113 (Doc ID 2404708.1).

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