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A collection is a coherent assortment of style items. It may be put together by a manufacturer or designer each season to showcase new trends for a particular market. You can find many collections in the apparel industry based on seasons, such as winter collections and summer collections, as well as other themed collections, such as leather collection or cotton collection.


Characteristics of Collections:

  • Are time-bound. Generally, a collection is designed and marketed for one season or year.
  • Have a multilevel structure. The collection structure consists of multiple levels such as themes, brands, and styles.
  • Groups related style items together.
  • Can contain the same style item that is present in other collections at the same time.


Collection Templates:

A collection template is a subset of style items from one or more collections. User can add style items from multiple collections to a collection template.


These templates are used during sales order entry, as well as purchase order entry, to simplify the process of entering orders. A collection template contains frequently ordered style items. A collection template applies to all customers.


For more information, please refer to Collections And Collection Templates in Apparel/Attribute Management (PCW06, PCW07, PCW54) (Doc ID 1622959.1)

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