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Do you have a business need where sales order with large numbers of lines or large numbers of sales orders need to be ship confirmed each day? Try using the Ship Confirm Batch (R42500) Application.


The Ship Confirm Batch (R42500) application allows multiple sales orders to be confirmed at one time. For more information please see E1: 42: Ship Confirm Batch Application (Doc ID 625613.1).

Normally the system will take the Tax Explanation Code from the 'Sold To' address, and the Tax Rate/Area from the 'Ship to' address on a sales order. By using “Date Sensitive Customer Sets” you can allow the 'Delivered To' or 'Ship To' address book number to be used to populate the Tax Rate/Area and Tax Explanation Code on a sales order. Line of Business must be active in AR constants and Customer Sets must be active in System constants.


For more information please see Date Sensitive Customer Sets (Doc ID 625649.1).

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