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Now you can know orders which are in ‘Inspection status’ of the receipt routing or orders which are in held status without even logging in to your enterprise one system.


Your Enterprise One system has transformed from recording/reporting transaction to communication epicenter by connecting employees, your enterprise and your entire ecosystem.JD Edwards Enterprise one can push important notification with the help of Notifications feature.


You can decide and implement the notifications that provide pertinent business information to your users. Users can then choose to subscribe to available notifications and receive updates within EnterpriseOne, as browser pop-up messages, through the Work Center, by email, or by email to SMS (Short Message Service).


More information can be found on and also available in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Delivered Notifications (Doc ID 2365066.1)

Traditionally R49500 support batch confirmation of shipment. Now it is possible to do batch load confirmation which was earlier use to be a tiresome manual task. This enhancement improves the order fulfillment efficiency of customer who had to deal with high volume of loads.


This new option is available for non-compartmentalized loads that are either standard or in-transit. When confirming loads in batch, shipments are processed in sequence by load number, planning depot, load leg number, shipment number, and routing step number. If you do not use the new option to confirm loads, shipments are processed in sequence by shipment number and routing step number.



Instead of manually confirming loads, you can use a batch process to confirm non-compartmentalized standard and in-transit loads. The batch process enables you to process more records in a shorter amount of time, leading to increased efficiency.


With the installation of the ESU for Bug 13012700 : BATCH LOAD CONFIRM, you can make use of R49500 for Batch Load Confirmation from E1 9.2 Release


Please review Can Not Process Loads With R49500 (Doc ID 2161470.1)

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