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To refresh any inventory commitments in Item Location File (F41021) where the item does not have any active sales orders associated with it, can use new report Refresh Inventory Commitments (R42990). The existing program Repost Active Sales Orders (R42995) refreshes the commitments for only those items that have an active sales order.


There may be a case where the sales orders are all completed for an item, but for some reason there is still an outstanding commitment recorded in F41021 that needs to be cleared out. R42995 will not update this item in F41021. One workaround involved creating a 'dummy' order for the specific item so that R42995 would correctly repost the order. The 'dummy' order would then need to be cancelled after running the Repost Active Sales Orders (R42995) program. Another workaround involved using a database utility program such as SQL to clear the commitment buckets in the Item Location (F41021) prior to running the Repost Active Sales Orders (R42995).


Run Refresh Inventory Commitment (R42990) at the same time as the existing R42995 is run. The UBE should be run outside business hours. Oracle strongly recommends that you run the R42995 program when no one is on the system. R42990 should also be run when no other sales activity is being performed.


With the installation of the ESU for Bug 25471557 - INVENTORY COMMITMENT REFRESH USING SALES REPOST, can make use of report R42990 (Refresh Inventory Commitments) from E1 9.2 release.


For more details, please review Refresh Inventory Commitments (R42990) (Doc ID 2230896.1).

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