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Reader.pngWith default Processing Options, FEC Extractor of Statutory Accounting Audit File (R74F210) uses BI Publisher to generate the audit flat file. If the number of Account Ledger (F0911) records that have to be processed by R74F210 is very large, the performance of the UBE may degrade. With application releases 9.1 and 9.2, a new solution has been delivered giving the option to generate the flat file without using BI Publisher. Doc ID 2662103.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document outlines the changes with the April 2020 Vertex update with changes for New Mexico state income tax and the EnterpriseOne bug needed for the changed functionality. Doc ID 2660832.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM documents explains how to add a new Electronic Address record using the P01111 application via Orchestration. Doc ID 2660667.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document contains information for an enhancement to allow flexibility to distribute and apply PIS/COFINS for the same Fiscal Company in different accounts. Doc ID 2659815.1.

DigitalEvent_textonly.pngJoin #JDEdwards for Quest’s week long #Digital learning event starting from June 8 – 11, 2020. 130+ live interactive sessions on hot topics like #OCI, #Orchestrator, UDOs and more –

DigitalEvent.pngHow you can modernize your #JDEdwards platform with #DigitalTransformation? Hear from Jeff Erickson in this recording from Quest Oracle Community Innovation Week.

OLL.jfifDid you know that #JDEdwards #Orchestrator now provides a debug tool to determine the state of your orchestrator at any point during execution? Watch this video -

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Reader.pngIn order to include Tax Rate in the soft rounding calculation during Voucher Match, a new option Voucher Match Tax Rounding was introduced in the Tax Rules (P0022) application. This new KM document explains the solution with examples with the new option not active and active. For details, see Doc ID 2659262.1

Reader.pngPrior to EnterpriseOne tools release, the option to view menus on the iPad Container did not exist. An enhancement has been added in Tools Release that will allow customers to create a composed page with menu content. Doc ID 2658982.1.

Reader.pngWith Tools release, you do not have to create a connector service request to invoke "local" orchestrations or notifications. You can invoke your own orchestrations and notifications directly as a step in the calling orchestration. For more details, see KM document 22658220.1.

Reader.pngFor more direct access to business logic, you can now invoke a business function as a step in an orchestration. In addition to “Groovy” and “Java” you can select “Business Function” as the type for a custom request. You can pass inputs into the business function and receive outputs back. For more details, see KM document 2657437.1.

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