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Oracle Support Accreditation: A Blueprint to Increasing Your Support Value!
Oracle Support Accreditation is one of several key resources in Oracle Support's Get Proactive program, focused on maximizing your Oracle Premier Support investment.  Whether you are new to or have already achieved accreditation, our series is designed as a guided learning path to:
  • Increase your expertise across core Support tools, and products.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your support efforts by utilizing learning to implement best practices that save time and drive efficiency.
  • Gain insights directly from Oracle product experts.

Why should you get accredited?

Bottom line: The learning you gain helps you more easily deploy Support tools, leverage the best practices that align with your business model, and drive efficiency with a great variety of options. 

Let's take a look at some examples that illustrate this point:

  • In our first example, a user completes the Level 1 My Oracle Support Portal Accreditation. S/he sets up a few PowerView filters for targeted knowledge base searching in My Oracle Support, begins leveraging Mobile My Oracle Support for the first time for Service Request management, and marks several knowledge documents as "favorites" to access them from the "Favorites menu" in the portal.

    Value Delivered: The user saved time and drove efficiency by finding content faster, responding more quickly to Oracle Support on service requests from any mobile device anytime, anywhere, and quickly found and re-used favorite content (no more searching for the same knowledge document).

  • In our second example, a user completes the Level 2 Oracle E-Business Suite Support Accreditation and then implements several proactive tools. S/he deploys new E-Business Suite Support Analyzer scripts to proactively assist with diagnosing issues and maintaining her company's Oracle Application environment, leverages the Pre-Install Patches Report as part of a planned upgrade, and proactively uses the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support to check their product combinations to ensure there is sufficient support available for their specific combinations.

    Value Delivered: The user achieved faster resolution, maximized uptime, and lowered organizational costs. S/he made business decisions based on the targeted information and recommended actions from specific E-Business analyzers. These business decisions drove next steps and achieved smoother upgrade with a clear list of recommended patches needed, and confirmed the support available for current product combinations to eliminate any surprises during the upgrade.

Create your blueprint.

Your use of Oracle Support proactive tools depends on your business needs, installed products, and key organizational goals. Our accreditation program is designed to inspire you to dive deeper into the available tools and solutions that help you build on your business success. 

Our newest Oracle Support Accreditation.

Our latest offering, Level 1 - Oracle Platinum Services, continues to gain adoption momentum with users. If you have implemented Oracle Platinum Services and understand the basics, this learning path is for you!

  • This guided learning path delivers simple, direct content that helps you synthesize key points about Oracle Platinum Services, so you can derive greater value from your investments. Oracle product teams, working with Oracle Support engineers, deep dive into key documents that are a must-have for your customized toolkit.
  • Topics include maintaining your services; monitoring, fault handling, and incident management; patching; Service Request (SR) creation; and general best practices.
  • You will discover what documentation is critical for knowledge building and the core points to understand post-implementation. Obtain tips to ensure that your internal team has covered the necessary roles, and learn how to address change management needs effectively.

Call to action: Turn an opportunity into results.


Do you have accredited users and teams in your organization? Get started today and expand your use of Oracle Support tools and best practices to get the most value from your support investment. Review our available learning paths that focus on portals, services, and products.


Your accreditation journey starts here: Oracle Support Accreditation – Series Index (Doc ID 1583898.1).


My Oracle Support Essentials Webcasts June 2017


Oracle Support delivers essential training for our customers via live web conferences and recorded sessions. These webcasts are included with your Oracle Premier Support services and are designed to help Oracle customers be more productive and effective when working with Oracle Support.

Essentials Webcasts cover topics ranging from how to work effectively with Oracle Support, learning about preventative diagnostic tools, how to manage users and assets, and much more.

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