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Avoid the Unexpected with Oracle Auto Service Request
System Administrators, you’ve all been there:  you leave the office after work on a Friday evening and everything is humming along smoothly…but then, sometime in the middle of the night (and it’s almost ALWAYS the middle of the night, right?), your phone goes off because a process is hung up or a user can’t get to needed applications on your server, storage array, or other device.  Get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, log in to troubleshoot…it’s nobody’s idea of a good time.


Well, we can help you sleep soundly at night and avoid the unexpected with Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR). ASR works 7X24X365 to isolate known faults, often before you can even detect a problem.  It can automatically upload needed diagnostic data to Oracle Support and open a Service Request on your behalf, reducing your workload and optimizing your efforts.  ASR can also dispatch needed parts to help accelerate resolution and restore availability.  It does so quickly and safely, with security across the software stack and only a single, outbound connection; you can even review all data sent to Oracle any time you want. Best of all, ASR comes at no additional cost as part of your Oracle Premier Support contract!


IT professionals worldwide trust ASR’s breadth and scale to help them unleash their potential and get more done with less effort. It leverages over 25,000 automation rules covering more than 760 product groups and is deployed at tens of thousands of installations in 147 countries. ASR’s automation, speed, security, and reliability help optimize resources and simplify work so you can focus on your “day” job (get it?)…


Check out our new ASR quick-start guide today to learn more about features and benefits.