Updated: March 5, 2019
Oracle Support knows that to-do lists are long and time is short, so we’ve put together a robust portfolio of proactive tools, diagnostics, and learning resources designed to help you get more done with less effort – on premises or in the Cloud.


Through our award-winning My Oracle Support portal, you have access to powerful proactive tools, resources, and knowledge that can help you manage your applications and technology, and allow you to optimize product health and performance.
Begin by reviewing Oracle Support: Get Proactive (Doc ID 432.1), the main location to access proactive programs and product line content. This guide was developed by our own Oracle Support experts and is available via the My Oracle Support portal and Mobile My Oracle Support.


Doc ID 432.1 allows you to choose your product area and select the type of task you want to accomplish (Optimize, Resolve, or Upgrade), and will then provide you with resources tailored to your business need.
Get Proactive - Document 432.1
Check out the Get Proactive - Oracle Support Events Calendar (Doc ID 125716.1), which displays upcoming training and user group events. The Events Calendar will also display information about recorded events you can play back, and even let Oracle user groups add events by emailing Get-Proactive_ww@oracle.com!


The Events Calendar integrates with your own calendar via Outlook or Thunderbird, and is accessible through My Oracle Support or Mobile My Oracle Support.
Proactive Event Calendar
Request a Get Proactive Report for a personalized view of:
  • Your company’s service request (SR) footprint (by individual Customer Support Identifier)
  • Available proactive resources (relevant tools, trainings, and knowledge)
  • High-level My Oracle Support metrics for incidents, patch downloads, and knowledge accessed
Get Proactive Reports are delivered right to your inbox in three to five business days and will help you optimize your Support interactions through insights on usage and opportunities to further maximize your ROI.


Visit Get Proactive Report - Gain Valuable Insights & Maximize My Oracle Support Functionality (Doc ID 2096757.1) to request yours today – through My Oracle Support or through Mobile My Oracle Support.
Get Proactive Report
Connect to My Oracle Support Whenever You Need it, Wherever You Are
As an on-premise or Oracle Cloud customer, you can leverage Mobile My Oracle Support from http://support.oracle.mobi for on-the-go access to critical support information whenever you need it.
Mobile My Oracle Support lets you view, update, tag favorites, and save search information on service requests; you can also access and search knowledge documents, bugs and proactive services.
  • Managed Cloud Services customers – manage, schedule, and approve Requests for Change (RFCs) and save information on RFCs
  • Customer User Administrators (CUAs) can approve or deny any pending requests
Mobile My Oracle Support
Every one of our Get Proactive tools, diagnostics, and resources is available to you at no additional cost as part of Oracle Support, so log in, get started, and “Get Proactive” today!