Business never sleeps and today’s IT professionals have to stay on top of the latest developments – from updates to patches to security alerts and more. Our My Oracle Support portal helps you be informed and efficient by providing options for receiving a range of email alerts and notifications.
Critical Patch Updates and Alert Notifications
Oracle issues alerts for quarterly Critical Patch Updates (CPUs), or when a unique security vulnerability is identified in Oracle products. Visit Critical Patch Updates and Security (Doc ID 281.1) for the latest information.
NOTE: Oracle Cloud operations and security teams regularly evaluate Oracle’s CPUs and Security Alert fixes, then apply the relevant patches in accordance with applicable change management processes.
Find out how you can set up your email alerts by following the instructions on the Oracle Technology Network.
Security Alerts and Bulletins
Hot Topics
You can personalize your "My Account" settings in My Oracle Support to subscribe to Site Alerts and Hot Topics email notifications, which provide information to help you most effectively manage your Oracle portfolio. These notifications are a great way to “get proactive,” and are a best practice if you want to receive targeted alerts for your selected products.
Remember: The more specific you are about your product interests, the more these My Oracle Support communications are personalized to your needs.
Hot Topics Settings
Alerts and notifications from My Oracle Support will help you optimize your time and get more done with less effort. What’s more, every one of our proactive tools, diagnostics, and resources is available to you at no additional cost as part of Oracle Support.
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