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On 30 September 2014 the Hosted Order Page and Silent Order Post solutions are to be replaced by CyberSource to the new Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile product. You must migrate to a Secure Acceptance integration method if you wish to continue to use CyberSource for processing transactions.    


Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile lets you accept payments made using a web browser either from a computer or mobile device and packs in additional features to improve the checkout experience. On Oracle PeopleSoft side, the new solution has already been implemented within release 9.2 as part of Image #8. Please review the KM document below for all the details.


FMS 9.2: CyberSource Migration from Hosted Order Page to Secure Acceptance [1930684.1]

By Vijayakumar Penumudi

The data in PROJ_RESOURCE grows tremendously overtime. Due to this, the project costing processes may take longer time to complete. In order to improve the overall performance of the Project Costing processes, this optional summarization feature is introduced in 9.2 to summarize the feeder/pricing transactions before loaded to PROJ_RESOURCE. This will reduce the number of rows in PROJ_RESOURCE. The detailed transactions rows are stored in separate tables.

This feature allows users to define different levels of Summarization Templates for transactions coming from different sources. Users can always drill down to the detail transactions that make up the summarized rows in Transaction List page. From the details rows, the users can then drill down to the source feeder system

Available Sources for Summarization:

Currently, summarization can be enabled for : Expenses , General Ledger , Third Party Loader , Pricing Engine, Variance Pricing, Time and Labor, Payables / Purchasing.

Process Flow:


Use case of Summarization Feature for General Ledger Transactions: 

How to Configure Feeder and Pricing Summarization feature for General Ledger Transactions? (Doc ID 1929655.1)


The Feature is introduced in 9.2.

For 9.1 release, enhancements were delivered in phases.
• 9.1 FMS/ESA bundle 2 (initial update).
• 9.1 FMS/ESA bundle 9 (Pricing, time and labor summarization).
• 9.1 FMS/ESA bundle 26 (payables and purchasing summarization)

Additional Resources:

Understanding Feeder and Pricing Summarization – 9.2 Peoplebooks
PeopleSoft Project Costing 9.1 Documentation Update: Feeder and Pricing Summarization (FMS/ESA Bundle 9) (1277171.1)
PeopleSoft Project Costing 9.1 Documentation Update: Feeder and Pricing Summarization (FMS/ESA Bundle 26) (1561586.1)

Time and Labor Mobile Applications is now available in PUM Image #9 for HCM.  With PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface and related Mobile Applications functionality, users can perform Time and Labor related tasks from a smart phone or a tablet.

Mobile Applications in Time and Labor allow managers to use the smart phone or tablet:
•    To view and resolve timecard exceptions.
•    To view employee time reporting location on a map.

Mobile Applications in Time and Labor allow employees to use their smart phone to:
•    Report Time.
•    Report Leave and Compensatory Time.
•    View Reported Time by week or day.
•    View Payable Time.
•    Update User Preferences for defaulting and viewing time data.

Please download PUM Image 9 for more details. See Document 1641843.2 (PUM Home Page) for more details on PeopleSoft Update Manager.

In addition as part of 9.2 FP1 (PUM 9), we have delivered enhancements for TL Alert Framework. The enhancements include:
   All Alerts criteria are driven by specified time period.
   New Alerts delivered
•    Employee failing to report time for the specified time period.
•    Unprocessed Absences and Absence balances.
   Trigger Notifications to employees when Alert is generated.
   Define Archive template for Alert records.
   Alerts support to SQL Userlist.
   New User Interface for Alerts criteria and Transaction pages.
   Bulk related actions for Alerts.
   Processing logic to consider Workgroup Options.
   Manager Self Service Alert Actions design changes.


Year-End is only two months away.  Now is the time to review and adjust balances in order to be better prepared for Year-End. Please review the USA Payroll Year-End Guide, which was included with Tax Update 14-E, in order to familiarize yourself with the year end process. It is not too early to start testing year-end processing in preparation in for producing your actual year- end information.

The Year-End Information Center has links to information to help you with your year-end processing.  Please see Document 1369926.2 -- PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Year-End Information Center

For Year-End related issues, please see the Hot Topics page at Document 1348833.1 -- EPY: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Hot Topics.

Tax Update News

Tax Update 14-E was delivered in October.  It is important to keep current with Tax Updates which are delivered throughout the year. Please refer to the Tax Update Information Center at Document 1316011.2- Information Center: EPY: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Tax Update for further details.

Payroll for North America Advisor Sessions

We are continuing with our series of Advisor Webcasts designed specifically for customers using the PeopleSoft Payroll for North America product.  Please see Document 1456265.1 -- PeopleSoft Enterprise Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings where you can view the Advisor Webcast Schedule, register for upcoming Advisor Sessions and view archived recordings.

Hot Topics

For the latest PeopleSoft Payroll for North America information regarding important product updates, special postings and announcements, please bookmark the Hot Topics Document 1348833.1
-- EPY: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Hot Topics and refer to it often for the latest updates.

HCM 9.2 PUM Image #9 Posted

We are excited to announce the delivery of both the standalone PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image 9 for existing PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 customers (delivered on October 21st), and the PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 “Recut” (through Update Image 9) for customers upgrading to PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.

This is the largest and most impactful PeopleSoft Update Image posted to date.  This cumulative Update Image includes all new features and fixes from previous PeopleSoft HCM Update Images as well as a plethora of new items including 50+ PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface enabled HCM transactions ready for any mobile device.

For more information check out this press release, visit the new Cumulate Feature Overview page (now with PeopleSoft Update Image level detail), and review the latest version of Online Help (PeopleBooks).

For details about the changes included in PUM Image #9, please see Document 1931431.1: PeopleSoft HCM Update Images 1-9 and ELM Update Images 1-6 Overview.

New Fluid User Interface

Delivered in PUM Image #9, the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface enables you to use a single interface across different devices. The page layout dynamically changes, based on the size of your screen, as you access your system from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. To find out more, review the 3 videos on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel on Fluid UI.

New PUM Home Page

For the central location for all things related to PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) and PeopleSoft Update Images (PIs), please refer to Document 1641843.2 -- PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page.  You can find information about the methodology and purpose of PUM, links to the update image home pages, specific information about each image, troubleshooting links, best practices and more.

2015 Maintenance Schedule Available

The 2015 Maintenance Schedule is now available for HCM and ELM:

Maximize your support dollars beyond Service Request by using My Oracle Support Community (MOSC). Check out our first series of My Oracle Support Community campaign topics listed below and why you should use MOSC in Document 1603874.1


  • "Ask in a Community" Button - New feature in My Oracle Support
  • Setup Your Profile – Who am I in my communities?
  • Managing Subscriptions – What communities do I want to connect with?
  • Marking Correct or Helpful Responses - Did your question get answered?
  • Searching in Community Threads - How to search within MOSC and MOS


PeopleTools' My Oracle Support Communities


For PeopleTools, we have 2 Communities on MyOracle Support.


The Install-Upgrade Community is the place to post a thread about Change Assistant, PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), database-specific issues with PeopleSoft, TraceMagic, Psft Test Framework Tool (PTF), Setup Manager, Certifications, and of course, general questions/issues about installing a new release, or upgrading to a new release of PeopleSoft.


The PeopleTools Community is every other topic related to PeopleTools such as Integration Broker, Report Distribution/Load Balancers, Ldap, Security, BI Publisher, nVision, Webservers, and PeopleCode. 


We welcome your posts to the Communities. You can create a new thread or respond to existing ones – with a few sentences, a paragraph, or just a simple thumbs-up. You'll find that new postings get quick responses from Oracle subject matter experts or from others at Oracle/PeopleSoft customer sites. 


If you're not familiar with Communities, logon to Communities Main Home on My Oracle Support to view the "Getting Started in the Communities" 2-minute video. There's also the Communities FAQ in the Getting Started section. To sign up, see MyProfile in the Main Home, and set yourself up with an alias and your email address, the only required items. 

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (BP1) is now available to all the PeopleSoft Customers on PeopleTools 8.53. Minimum PeopleTools Patch Version Required to adopt SES is PeopleTools 8.53.06. We have documented the uptake process for PT 8.53/SES BP1 on Document 1596251.1. The PeopleSoft Search Framework/SES Advisor, a comprehensive document on SES, is available on Document 1537077.1. The following documents are also relevant to the implementation and maintenance of SES, so please consider adding them as a Favorite in My Oracle Support by clicking the hollow yellow star beside the title of each document.



  • PeopleTools Certifications - Required Fixes SES PT 8.53 Document 1596251.1
  • E-SES: Will Oracle SES (Secure Enterprise Search) Be Able To Search Attachments That Are Stored In The Database? (As Opposed To File Server) Document 1550921.1
  • Information Center: Peoplesoft Enterprise PeopleTools Search Framework Version 8.52 and later (Document 1546252.2)
  • E-SES: Poor Performance During Build (Crawl) of SES Search Index Document 1596454.1 

PeopleSoft 9.2 introduced a new application maintenance delivery and packaging process called PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). To assist customers with networking and address questions about using PUM, a Community Thread dedicated to PUM has been started. Please go here to: 


  • Find the latest information on PUM
  • Ask a question about installing and using PUM for your PeopleSoft 9.2 maintenance
  • Share your PUM knowledge and experiences with other customers
  • Network with customers also using PUM


Oracle Support experts on PUM monitor and respond to threads frequently to ensure that questions are responded to in a timely manner. The thread is part of the PeopleSoft Install/Upgrade PSFT Community and can be found on the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Community - general questions, bugs, discussions, news thread. To participate in this community, simply select 'subscribe' on the Welcome post (From December 3, 2013).



For more information about PeopleSoft Update Manager, please bookmark and review the PUM Home Page in My Oracle Support - Document 1464619.1

An enhancement for Receipt Accrual functionality has been incorporated with 9.1 SCM Bundle #31 (Patch 18040117). The enhancement includes a new setting to enable non-inventory receipt accruals to bypass budget checking. Updated documentation on how to process receipts for goods purchased for inventory as well as non-inventory items is in Document 1909456.1 (PeopleSoft SCM: Purchasing Receipt Accrual). 

This new feature was a request from enhancement Bug 18623755 (ENH – Inventory Federal Receipt Accrual Accounting), which was to ensure Inventory Federal receipt accrual accounting is supported. You can find a list of other enhancement and its related documentation in the SCM 9.1 Home Page (Document 878248.1).

When performing an Upgrade from a previous PeopleSoft release (e.g. 8.9, 9.0. 9.1), customers should refer to Document 1495413.1 (PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.2 Documentation Home Page), to link to upgrade documentation on specific upgrade paths. Within the upgrade documentation you can find the latest certified FSCM Update Image. 

PeopleSoft upgrades are only certified to one specific PUM Image at any given time which may or may not be the latest PUM Image. For example, currently (as of 8/19/2014), the latest certified path is to FSCM Image 5, but the latest FSCM Image available is FSCM Image 7. Once the upgrade is complete, the upgraded environment will have all fixed up to the certified Image (i.e. FSCM Image 5). After completing the upgrade, then the latest Update Image should be downloaded and used with PUM and Change Assistant to apply any additional fixes needed (fixes released after the certified Image and the latest Image) using the standard PUM processing.

After the National Student Clearinghouse New Reporting Requirements for 2014 Patch (18069321) was posted, the Clearinghouse revised the reporting requirements. To handle these changes, along with some other issues that we've found with the update, a critical patch is being delivered. Read more about what is in this patch, and the issues that we are tracking, by reviewing Issues Related to National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Reporting Requirements 2014 Update, Patch 18069321 Document 1916204.1

Subsidized Loan Limit Rule (SULA) functionality and updates were delivered in several bundles this year: January 2014 (Bundle #32), April 2014 (Bundle #33) and July 2014 (Bundle #34). Functional documentation on SULA for these Bundles can be found PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 Documentation Home Page Document 751540.1.


For more detail on the 150 Percent Subsidized Loan Limit Rule, a part of SULA functionality, be sure to review Master Note for the 150 Percent Subsidized Loan Limit Rule (SULA) functionality in PeopleSoft Financial Aid Document 1618617.1.


For more detail on known issues, bugs and enhancement requests regarding this functionality, please review SULA Bugs and Enhancement Requests Document 1913033.1

Oracle strives to continuously improve your Campus Solutions product family with new features and functionality. While you may not be able to deploy a new process when it is delivered in a bundle, you will want to keep abreast of the changing functionality and periodically explore those that are available to you. 



Whether you want to know more about recent changes to 1098T processing or how to implement Veterans Benefits functionality, you can find the documentation on these and other new features and functionality in these documents:



    • CS 9.0 Bundle #34 Functional Documentation and Additional Features July 2014  Document 1905797.1


    • CS 9.0 Bundle #33 Functional Documentation and Additional Features April 2014 Document 1665770.1


    • CS 9.0 Bundle #32 Functional Documentation and Additional Features January 2013  Document 1615962.1


    • CS 9.0 Bundle #31 Functional Documentation and Additional Features October 2013 Document 1594532.1


    • CS 9.0 Bundle #30 Functional Documentation and Additional Features July 2013  Document 1571063.1


    • CS 9.0 Bundle #29 Functional Documentation and Additional Features April 2013 Document 1548789.1



If you need information on older features introduced in our bundles, just turn on the PowerView in My Oracle Support and do a search on "Functional Documentation and Additional Features" to get a listing of all such documents.

When you apply Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #34, please first review and bookmark our consolidated note on issues regarding the implementation of this bundle. You will find Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #34 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Patchset 18645551 Document 1911726.1 useful before, during and after the implementation of the bundle. 


For consolidated information on any Campus Solutions bundle, please refer to Index of Bundle Master Notes for Campus Solutions 8.9 and 9.0 Document 1330948.1 for a listing of all of our Bundle Master Notes.


Don't forget to review the Campus Solutions 9.0 Maintenance Guidelines Document 703646.1.

Are you aware of the tools and other resources the Oracle Application product lines (Fusion Applications, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel) have to assist you with troubleshooting and diagnosing of issues? In order to use the right tool for a task it is important to know what is available to you. The Oracle Application product lines have a wide variety of tools and resources to help you from performance, setup, online processing, maintenance patching to upgrades and more. Learn more about our tools and resources in "The Right Tool for the Task: Oracle Applications Product Support Tools and Capabilities" 1918339.1).

The ‘Bug Tracker’ allows you to monitor Bugs all in one single place under the My Oracle Support - Dashboard page. The Bug Tracker displays Bugs you mark as a favorite from an SR or added as a favorite during a Bug search. Bugs in the Bug Tracker are dynamically updated with the latest status and the last date it was updated.



Document 1298390.1 will provide detailed instructions on enabling the Bug Tracker functionality. At the very bottom of the document there are instructions on how to setup email notifications for when a bug has been updated.

Did you know we have a PeopleSoft Usability (UX) Guidelines website, see here. This site provides guidance on using new PeopleSoft Tools features to create usable and consistent applications that:


• Increase end user productivity

• Increase end user satisfaction

• Reduce errors

You will find information on Dashboards, WorkCenter, Guided Process, Pivot Grids, Pagelets, Related Content and Actions, Modal and Mouseover Window, and Grids for PeopleTools 8.50 and above and Application release 9.1 and 9.2.

Are you looking for the Patch number of an Update ID (also known as: UPDXXXXXX, Resolution ID, and Project ID)? Finding out the Patch number for the Update ID has become easier due to some improvements to our search engine in My Oracle Support (MOS).


To find a Patch number for an Update ID simply enter the six digit Update ID number in the Global Search within MOS then select the “Patch” (search source) option to narrow your search to Patches. The search results will return all patches that reference the six digit number (Update ID) within the documentation of the Patch, see example below. To verify you have the correct Patch open the Readme file and make sure the “Resolution ID” number in the first section of the document matches your Update ID number.

The Cumulative Feature Overview Tool provides concise descriptions of new and enhanced solutions and functionality that have become available between starting and target releases. The new html web based tool can be viewed on all devices, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. It can also be accessed from our Information Portal at

Have you ever wondered what is going on with a customization that doesn't work properly? Do you want to understand why your Oracle Support engineer is asking you to provide them with a trace? Do you want to learn more about what such a trace reveals about how your application works? When something goes wrong in an application, you have an option of guessing at what is happening underneath the hood, or you can use utilities to gather evidence that clearly explains what the code is doing and why it is doing it. There are several video series available on My Oracle Support that help you to understand what a cobol compile error list is telling you, what a PeopleCode SQL Trace is showing or how to interpret a Cobol SQL trace. If you are new to PeopleSoft and need to learn how to troubleshoot your applications, or if you just want to improve your own skills, please consider any of these multimedia articles to learn how to use these utilities.

Cobol Compiling

Understanding the Cobol compile process and troubleshooting problems compiling Cobol [Video] (Doc ID 1640121.1)

Cobol Tracing and Troubleshooting


How to Acquire a COBOL SQL Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1092955.1)

Elements and the Interpretation of a COBOL SQL Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1102782.1)

Diagnosing Functional Problems with a Cobol SQL Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1119500.1)

How to diagnose performance problems using a COBOL SQL trace [Video] (Doc ID 1109345.1)

How to Diagnose Error 153 (Subscript Out of Range or Array Size Exceeded) in a COBOL job [Video] (Doc ID 1153577.1)

Page Relate Problem Troubleshooting and Tracing


PeopleCode and Online SQL Tracing and Troubleshooting: Acquiring and Interpreting a PeopleCode Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1581649.1)

PeopleCode and Online SQL Tracing and Troubleshooting: Acquiring and Interpreting an Online SQL Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1581652.1)

PeopleCode and Online SQL Tracing and Troubleshooting: Interpreting a combined PeopleCode and Online SQL Trace [Video] (Doc ID 1581653.1)

PeopleCode and Online SQL Tracing and Troubleshooting: The Value of "Show Each Statement" and Diagnosing Problems on a Page [Video] (Doc ID 1581654.1)

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience that is designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle product solutions, tools, and knowledge.
Why Get Accredited picture.bmp


The accreditation framework for PeopleSoft is targeted to customers and partners who actively use My Oracle Support and PeopleSoft. The content is focused on building skills around best practices, recommendations, and tool enablement – taking your expertise with PeopleSoft to the next level. The PeopleSoft course covers:


Getting Started
Installing PeopleSoft
Supporting and Maintaining PeopleSoft Systems
Optimizing Performance
Troubleshooting Diagnostic Framework and Trace Magic
Upgrading PeopleTools and Applications


Visit the My Oracle Support Accreditation IndexLevel 2 PeopleSoft and get started with the Level 1 My Oracle Support Accreditation path and the Level 2 PeopleSoft learning path today.

Get the most out of your support dollars by taking advantage of free training provided by Oracle Support experts. These approximately one-hour live webcasts include a Q&A session for the audience to ask questions on the product-specific topics. Each webcast is recorded to provide you with the ability to access the content on-demand -- when it's convenient for you or so you can share it with your team.


For each completed Advisor Webcast, you will find on the Archived tab: a recording of the webcast, PDF of the presentation and a link to the My Oracle Support Community thread that contains the Questions & Answers from the session and any session follow-up. Post your feedback or questions on the community thread, too! Visit the PeopleSoft Advisor Webcast here.


We'd love to hear your suggestions and topic ideas about our Advisor Webcasts. Contact us at:

PeopleTools 8.54 was released on July 11. See the PeopleTools 8.54 Documentation Home Page (Document 1664613.1) for links to a variety of materials: the Installation guides, Release Notes, and more. The installation guides are now posted to Document 1905010.1.

A webcast Advisor session, “Upgrading to PeopleTools 8.54”, will be presented on Tuesday, August 19. See Document 1669184 for more information about the webcast.

Certified platforms using PeopleTools 8.54 are posted to My Oracle Support Certifications tab. Find certification information in the Certification Search using Product = PeopleSoft PeopleTools, with Release = 8.54. The result list of this search will show Enterprise Applications supported with PeopleTools 8.54. Also see supported Operating Systems, Application Server, Databases, and Browsers (and more) in this section. For Product Strategy certification announcements, see Tech Update – Main Page (Document 764222.1).

Additional information may be found in the PeopleSoft Information Portal.

Check out this video of a high-level discussion on the new 8.54 functionality including the Fluid user interface and seamless application access on mobile devices by the PeopleTools VP of development, Willie Suh.

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.