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PeopleTools' My Oracle Support Communities


For PeopleTools, we have 2 Communities on MyOracle Support.


The Install-Upgrade Community is the place to post a thread about Change Assistant, PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), database-specific issues with PeopleSoft, TraceMagic, Psft Test Framework Tool (PTF), Setup Manager, Certifications, and of course, general questions/issues about installing a new release, or upgrading to a new release of PeopleSoft.


The PeopleTools Community is every other topic related to PeopleTools such as Integration Broker, Report Distribution/Load Balancers, Ldap, Security, BI Publisher, nVision, Webservers, and PeopleCode. 


We welcome your posts to the Communities. You can create a new thread or respond to existing ones – with a few sentences, a paragraph, or just a simple thumbs-up. You'll find that new postings get quick responses from Oracle subject matter experts or from others at Oracle/PeopleSoft customer sites. 


If you're not familiar with Communities, logon to Communities Main Home on My Oracle Support to view the "Getting Started in the Communities" 2-minute video. There's also the Communities FAQ in the Getting Started section. To sign up, see MyProfile in the Main Home, and set yourself up with an alias and your email address, the only required items.