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Inventory and Cost Management

  • Error "No Prompt Values Currently Available for This field (4,4)” when Trying to Search for a value for the “Return from Customer” Field on the “RMA Form” Page (Doc ID 1317707.1)
  • How to Batch Load Material Stock Requests (MSR) Generated by a Third-Party System (Doc ID 1492180.1)
  • Why does the Delivery Signature link not Display or does not Expand on Handheld Devices when using the PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management Product (Doc ID 1630475.1)
  • How to Have Different Accounting Setup and Rules for the Transaction Group #030 (Usages & Shipments) when a Sales Order is Created for Different Groups within an Organization (Doc ID 653228.1)
  • Enhancement Request to add Validation Support of Distribution Types to Source Cost Accounting Transactions (Doc ID 1621566.1)
  • Should you use Spaces or Quotes in Key Data Values in the Peoplesoft Inventory, Manufacturing, and Cost Management Applications? (Doc ID 1607316.1)
  • Troubleshooting why Items are not Being Putaway while they are Eligible for the Expected Putaway Processing (Doc ID 1941323.1)
  • Error "No Matching Buffer Found for Level. (15,26)" when Opening the “Correct Staged Errors” Page for a Lot-Controlled Item and the Received Lot ID has a Space in its ID (Doc ID 1452271.1)
  • How to run Budget Check against Cost Management Accounting Lines (Doc ID 1341678.1)
  • How to Process Pending Transactions when Completions Pending Putaway <> '0' in the Pending Transactions Page (Doc ID 761930.1)


Order and Promotions Management

  • Can the Default Ordering UOM for a Product be Different than the Stocking and Shipping UOM (Doc ID 1062959.1)
  • Enhancement Request to Prevent the Total Returned Quantity for RMA Lines Referencing the same Shipment to be Greater than the Shipped Quantity (Doc ID 1428235.1)
  • Description and Demo of the Sales Order Integration between CRM and SCM (Doc ID 1376139.1)
  • How to Delete a Field or Change its Type/Length on an Enterprise Component Form - Peoplesoft Forms (Doc ID 1455890.1)
  • 'Find an Existing Value' Tab is Inactive after Clicking on the 'New Window' Hyperlink of the 'Create/Update Order' Component (Doc ID 1300301.1)
  • How to Resolve the Error "Unable to open INPUT: FFS_EXPORT.dat" which is Issued at Step UPD866732_MSG_I_DMS when Installing Patch 13511629 (Doc ID 1388735.1)
  • Why the 'Populate Usage Desktop' Process (IN_USG_DSKTP) not adding Purchase Order Quantities to the 'On Order Quantity' after adding a new Ordering and Shipping UOM to the Item (Doc ID 833914.1)
  • The Messages and Notes Message Board does not Refresh Properly when adding new Notes to a Sales Order (Doc ID 1313252.1)
  • How to Calculate a Sales Order Price Based on the Schedule Ship Date (Doc ID 1053930.1)



  • Cancel a Production Order (PID) when a Purchase Order Has been Generated for a Sub-Contracted Operation (Doc ID 608999.1)
  • "Error generating report output: (235,2309) PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER.ReportDefn.OnExecute Name:ProcessReport" when Running the 'Material Readiness' Report (SF_MATRDY) and Special Characters are used (Doc ID 1583727.1)
  • How to Resolve the Upgrade Errors "Process 2 ABENDED at Step UPG_SPL.SPLK01.SPL0102 (Call Section) (108,524)" and "Error retrieving Application Engine UPG_SPL. component: Section, reason: Not Found (108,502)" (Doc ID 1460849.1)
  • Troubleshooting why Production Orders (PID's) are not Closed by the 'Production Close' SQR Report (SFS1100) (Doc ID 1299966.1)
  • Why is the Warning "Item Lot Numbers or Lot Expiration Dates have not been Assigned. Line (1). (100300,57)" Issued when Receiving a Subcontracted Operation of a Lot Controlled End Item and Using the 'Subcontract Streamline' Functionality (Doc ID 1542973.1)



  • Updating Ship To Location Sale/Use Tax Results in the Following Error “ At least one Exonerated or Exempt Sales/Use Tax Information is Required for Exempt. (10000,159) (Doc ID 1606998.1)
  • POPO005.SQR Truncated PO_LINE.ITM_ID_VNDR from 50 Characters to 20 Characters (Doc ID 1604398.1)
  • Permission Access Error when trying to Run REQ_PRINT from ePro Manage Requisitions Page (Doc ID 1563726.1)
  • Error when Cancelling an Approved PO. PO_POCANCEL.PUMATCH.STEP01 (Doc ID 1671341.1)
  • Cannot Cancel a Requisition. Message Received "At Least one Line has been Sourced" (Doc ID 797012.1)
  • How to Build a Purchase Order with a Future Date (Includes Accounting Date and Budget Date) when Sourced from a Requisition (Doc ID 832853.1)
  • How a New Purchase Order Distribution Line is Created Even if Budget Date is not within the Range Of Rollover Budget Date (Doc ID 1319095.1)
  • How to Process - Return to Vendor, Cost Management and Landed Cost Extraction Processing for Purchase Price Variance (PPV) (Doc ID 657050.1)
  • How to Mass Cancel and Close Purchase Orders (Doc ID 1534176.1)
  • Budget Checking (FS_BP) not Processing Requisitions or Purchase Orders and Leaving Budget Status as Not Checked (Doc ID 1569739.1)