The intention of a Master Note for a Campus Solutions Bundle is to provide you with information regarding problems or issues with the application of the bundle, including any functional issues that have been reported and believed to be the result of applying this bundle.  With the release of Campus Solutions Bundle #36, we have posted Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #36 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Patchset 19906038 (Doc ID 1963155.1)  to My Oracle Support.


In this Master Note, you will find sections for:


  • General Information on documentation, policy and the contents of the bundle
  • Problems applying the bundle, which will be continuously updated for any issues reported to Support
  • Functional problems attributed to this bundle in any of the Campus Solutions products


Before you apply this bundle, please review this master note and bookmark it so that you can quickly revisit it during your planning and implementation phases.  If you are planning to apply any other bundles to your Campus Solutions product, please be sure to review the corresponding master notes, which can be found listed in this document as well.


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