The new Guided Self Service functionality for Manager Self Service was introduced in PeopleSoft Image #9 for HCM 9.2. This feature provides customers the ability to configure the delivered transactions and compound (e.g. promotion with pay and location change), which simplifies and minimizes the number of transactions/approvals, present improved usability to support the infrequent user (manager), and display contextual information to help ‘guide’ users through the process.


Document 1944367.1 provides a Red Paper which discusses PeopleSoft HCM Guided Self Service (GSS) feature administration and configuration options, and provides an in-depth review of the design architecture involved.


The menu navigation path for setting up Guided Self Service is Setup HCM > Common Definitions > Guided Self Service > Transaction Configuration.


See Document 1944367.1 for more details.


Also review the latest VFO regarding HCM Guided Self Service.