The new Fluid User Interface is now available for many of the HR applications. It was delivered in HCM PeopleSoft Image #9.


The PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface encompasses a completely responsive, device independent design for Desktops, Tablets, and Smart Phones. It offers the most advanced user experience in the market utilizing the latest rendering technologies. The PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface enables you to use a single interface across different devices. The page layout dynamically changes, based on the size of your screen, as you access your system from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


Setting up Fluid UI


Customers who have applied PUM Image #9 and beginning to setup and use Fluid UI. For detailed instructions on the setup steps required for Fluid UI in HCM, please see the document below:


Step by Step Document of Mobile (Fluid UI) Approvals Setup (Document 1964057.1)


Issues or Errors with Fluid UI


Also, see below for new documents related to Fluid UI and issues or error experienced when setting this feature up:


  • How to Determine 'Fluid UI' Related Updates in the PUM Image 9? (Document 1946993.1)
  • ETL9.2: Does Time and Labor 9.2 Release Enable Time Entry Approval via Mobile (Fluid UI) & What are the Pre-requisites ? (Document 1632884.1)
  • Error Opening Approvals in Fluid User Interface: "PSFT Authentication Token Failed for Node xxxxx. (158,454)" (Document 1944523.1)
  • Manager Self Service Home Page APPROVALS Tile Error in HRMS 9.2: "Authorization Error. Unable to Get Operation Definition for HMAP_APPROVAL.Utility.URLGenerator.OnExcute" (Document 1955311.1)



Other PeopleSoft Fluid UI Documentation and Videos



YouTube Videos


PeopleSoft Fluid UI Oracle University Course

  • PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.54 is a two-day course introducing students to the new development paradigm, Fluid User Interface. The course provides conceptual information and covers the tasks and techniques used to develop fluid applications. Class registration will be open in the next few weeks through Oracle University.