Understanding I-9 Information Management


The Immigration and Nationality Act requires United States employers to complete and store Form I-9. Employers may process paper Form I-9s and store them electronically or complete and retain the Form I-9 solely in electronic format.


PeopleSoft Human Resources enables you to collect, store, and manage all I-9 information in compliance with the Immigration and Nationality Act. This includes employee self service functions to complete and submit the employee I-9 information, and functionality for the employer to complete the required employer sections of the Form I-9. The application provides components to report and process I-9 information, including notification of expiration dates, storing, printing, and archiving.


PeopleSoft has included additional enhancements and edits to the PeopleSoft online Form I-9 in addition to minor updates to the Form I-9 verbiage, sequence of data elements, and instructions per the Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 instructions.


Document 1935043.1 includes a Red Paper which outlines the pages and fields that support the current Form I-9. These changes are available for releases 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.


The Red Paper provides an overview of managing Form I-9 information and discusses how to:

  • Complete and submit Section 1 of the Form I-9 (completed by the employee, preparer, or translator).
  • Complete sections 2 and 3 of the Form I-9 (completed by the employer).
  • Print Form I-9.
  • Run the I-9 Receipt/Expiration report.
  • Archive I-9 data.