The Health Benefits pagelet displays overall enrollment statistics for specified health plans. As delivered, this pagelet is not available for users to add to their home page, however, Doc ID 1954765.1 (PeopleSoft HCM 9.2: Viewing Enrollment Statistics Using the Health Benefits Pagelet) provides instructions for making the pagelet available.


You can use the Include in Health Pagelet check box on the Benefit Plan Table Page to choose which health plans to include on the Health Benefits pagelet. Note that plan selection is a system-wide setting, so individual users cannot personalize the pagelet with a different group of plans.


Use the Health Benefits pagelet to view summary statistics about the number of employees enrolled in your health plans. The pagelet displays a pie chart that illustrates the enrollment volume for each included health plan. To view the source data in a grid format (including the exact enrollment count for each plan), click the Health Enrollment Details link.



See Doc ID 1954765.1 for full details.