Expenses New 'Receipts Required'; Introduced in FSCM 9.2 Image# 10.

by Pere Taule



Up to and including PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.2 Application Release, the Travel and Expenses module offered the 'Receipts Received' and 'Receipts Verified' features, which enabled customers to mark specific Expense Report Lines as verified when approvers matched the submitted expenses against the included/attached receipts, and confirm that all is correct, and following company policies.
However, such actions were merely procedural, that is, they required Users responsible for these tasks to periodically verify if there were any pending receipts awaiting validation.  If, for any reason, those users did not check the availability of receipts to be validated, they stood like this until someone decided to perform such check.  There were no mechanisms to warn the needed Users that there were receipts requiring their review.


Additionally, Receipts Receive and Receipts Verify processes were not required to be completed before Expense Report approvals. Meaning that it was possible to approve and pay Employees/Vendors without having the corresponding receipts fully verified beforehand.


All this has changed with the delivery of the brand new enhancement 'Receipts Required' functionality, introduced in PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.2 Image #10.


But how does this new functionality get configured? What are the requirements to have it work? And most important, how does affect the Expenses Approval Workflow if activated?

The new Receipts Required enhancement delivered within PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.2 Image #10 seeks to provide a more robust Receipt feature than until now. Two major changes have been introduced with this functionality:

  • Enabling the implementation of a new setup at Business Unit level with flexible options to define when receipts are required among the expenses reported
  • Providing a new approval role named Receipt Verifier that will be part of the existing Expenses Approval Workflow chain as an optional new step

Receipts Required Prerequisites

There are some pre-requisites before this functionality can be used:

  1. The systems must be at PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.2 Image #10 at least, which provided several new enhancements for the FSCM Expenses module (For a complete list of new enhancements introduced by Image #10, review existing KM Doc ID 1923479.2 - PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Update Image Documentation). Customers can install the desired enhancements by making use of the 'Selective Adoption' feature when performing the upgrade.

  2. The Receipts Required new delivered page (BUS_UNIT_TBL_EX4) needs to be included and granted access into the Expenses related Permission List(s), to have the new page be viewable at the Expenses Business Unit Definition level. In order to achieve this, take a look at the available regarding Receipt Required Security Word document here linked.

  3. Once the Image has been installed, and the security steps performed, the delivered ERApproval Process Definition Setup will need to be cloned, and updated to include the new Receipt Verifier approval stage. These actions would involve Steps #1 through #27 from the Receipt Required Manual Set Up Instructions Word document here linked. Note that this is considered as system delivered data, and as such, manipulation of this data needs to be done carefully.

  4. As soon as the ERApproval Process Definition has been updated to include the new Receipt Verifier Stage, the same needs to be done at the Transaction Definition level for the Expense Reports. A new Effective Date row needs to be added, for the same value of the new cloned ERApproval, and adding the row for Receipt Verifier, having created beforehand the needed Approver Type. These actions are explained in Steps #28 through #40 from the Receipt Required Manual Set Up Instructions Word document here linked

PeopleBooks Documentation

PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.2 Expenses Module PeopleBooks have been updated to accommodate the newly delivered functionality, and specific sections have been created to provide clear insight on the Receipt Required feature. Please, review thoroughly the two below sections of PeopleBooks that cover in detail this new enhancement:

  • Home > PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 > PeopleSoft Expenses > Configuring Business Units for PeopleSoft Expenses > Receipts Required Page
  • Home > PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 > PeopleSoft Expenses > Setting Up Receipt Verification Rules and Lists

Functional Setup

This new feature has two main set up pages where the customer can configure the Receipts Required and Verification functionality according to their business requirements, including all possible scenarios to be covered, as well as those exceptions that should be taken into account. These two pages can be accessed via the below listed navigation paths:

  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > Expenses > Expenses Definition > Receipts Required
  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Product Related > Expenses > Payment Information > Receipt Verification Rule

The first page is where the company can state at the Business Unit level, which Expense Transactions should require a Receipt, and to have it properly verified before approvals tale place. A Transaction Line Amount minimum can be placed so that all Expense Report Lines with a lower amount will not be required to present its corresponding Receipt. Exceptions to this main basic rule can be defined as well, by Expense Type, Payment Type, and Minimum Receipt Amount, that will override the general rule defined. The customer can also specify if justification Comments are required or not to be entered by the Employee when for a transaction qualifying for a Receipt to be provided, does not have it.

The Receipt Verification Rule set up page already existed before the Receipt Required enhancement was delivered. However, it has been enhanced, and is now acting as additional filters, that will be adding to the Receipt Verification Rules defined at the Business Unit level. At this stage, the customer can require a Receipt to be provided whenever the Expense Report Line Transaction Amount surpasses a particular value. It can also require a Receipt Verification for every Nth transaction submitted. Finally, it allows additional Fields to be considered for Receipt Verification, which are not available at the Business Unit level: Employee ID, Business Unit, and Department ID. All Expense Report transactions that contain one of the defined values at these list levels, will require a Receipt, and for it to be properly verified.

Integration with Other Approval Levels

The new Receipt Verifier approval level will work like any of the already delivered Approval List Routing type of approvals in FSCM Expenses Module. The customer will have to activate the Receipt Verifier step at the Transaction Definition level, and configure the Approver Assignment and Approver List settings accordingly, so that for all combination of Business Unit and Routing ChartField (aka Department ID), there is a User defined as the one taking the responsibility for this Receipt Verification level.

This approval level has been designed to precede the already delivered levels such as Reviewer, HR Supervisor, Expense Manager, Pre Pay Auditor, Project Manager, or Project Supplemental Approver. Once the Receipt Verifier properly verifies the submitted transaction, the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) will route the Expense Report to the next required approval level. The GCS has compiled a complete document that can assist you in understanding all the needed steps of configuration, and usage of this new feature. Check the FSCM 9.2 Expense Report Approvals With Receipt Verifier Word document here linked, which shows Expenses Approvals with Receipt Verifier, HR Supervisor, and Pre Pay Auditor.

Note that the Expenses Receipt Verifier approval level is currently not using Refinement Template functionality (as refinement can be done at the Expenses Business Unit level, as well as at the Receipt Verification Rules level), as well as Email Approvals are not enabled for this specific approval level as of yet.


KM Doc ID 1966233.1 - EEX 9.2: How To Configure And Make Use Of The Expenses Receipt Required New Enhanced Functionality? The Receipt Verifier Approval Stage.

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