Contributed by Dave Thomas


A common issue when applying maintenance with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) is receiving an error that the ADS Compare from file step failed with error  “User does not have permission to perform Compare from File”.


Three important things to know about ADS permissions (found in the following PeopleBook)



a)    The OPR ID for running the ADS copies and compares must have all the records that are in the ADS project in the “Access Group Permissions” of the Data Migration page of the Permission List.


b)    Rather than identifying all the records, you could just simply give Upgrade Full Access instead which would apply to all records by going into the “Tools Permissions” of the PeopleTools page of the Permission List.


c)    Make sure the “Copy Compare Permissions” of the Data Migration page of the Permission List is set to Full Access and Allow setting Copy Compare attributes on data set definitions is checked.


Just because a OPR ID may have the ADS Designer role which contains the PTPT3500 Permission List, does not mean they have the correct permissions.

The PTPT3500 Permission List by default does not have any Tree or Access Groups assigned to it. So if you are going with “a” above rather than “b”, you will need to make sure to define the query tree and access groups, as well as the read and write privileges on the Data Migration tab of the Permission List. See figure 1.



Figure1.bmp(figure 1)




While in the Data Migration tab, check out “c” above. By default the Copy Compare Permissions are not set. They should be set as described in “c” above. See figure 2.



(figure 2)




Now “b” above is much easier to implement than “a” and would the route most customers would go. The Upgrade permission can be on any Permission List but you might as well set it up on the PTPT3500 Permission List, so everything for this is set in one place. Note: To access the Tools Permissions link, Application Designer Access must be selected. See figure 3.



(figure 3)