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Are you ready for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?


We've recently delivered enhancements to our HRMS and Base Benefits modules to deliver new fields, records, views, PeopleCode, and scripts to accommodate the additional requirements for tracking an employee's ACA Eligibility Status. Links to recent patches, along with information on previously posted enhancements for HRMS, Base Benefits, and Benefits Administration can be found on Document 1919696.1.


We have also deivered a new ACA Component Interface for customers who need to load transaction data from third-party benefits providers.  The component interface simplifies the process of loading your data and performs the required validations during the process.


Join us March 25 for our latest Advisor Webcast on PeopleSoft HCM Updates for the Affordable Care Act.  We will discuss the recently delivered benefits functionality for Employer Shared Responsibility, new functionality anticipated for Time & Labor, and forms 1094-C and 1095-C.  See Document 1456265.1 for schedule and registration.


For complete information on planned functionality and delivered enhancements, as well as PeopleSoft's Position Statement on the Affordable Care Act, see Document 1080659.1.