With Daylight Savings fast approaching on March 8th, we want to provide you with some of the most searched knowledge articles on My Oracle Support about this topic. These knowledge articles may help answer questions you have regarding Daylight Saving changes for the Time and Labor product.


Below are knowledge articles for your reference:


  • TL8.X Daylight Saving Considerations When Changing Base Time Zones (Document 637482.1)
  • ETL8.x & 9: Daylight Savings Incident with Reported Time and Calculated Time (Document 639778.1)
  • ETL8.9: Time Admin abends when schedule uses punch at 2:AM on Daylight Saving (Document 651402.1)
  • ETL8.X/9.0: Time Resolution For Reported Time During Daylight Savings Window (Document 664576.1)
  • Daylight Savings Time Exceptions - TLX10076 and TLX10077 (Document 1234651.1)
  • ETL9.1: Incorrect Timesheet Totals During Day Light Savings Window (Document 1358248.1)
  • ETL8.9 Timesheet showing incorrect Total hours on day light savings day when base time zone is not same as employee's time zone (Document 867973.1)
  • ETL9.0 TCD Interface Punch Time Load is not Calculating Total Hours Correctly for Daylight Savings (Document 1372967.1)