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Oracle Support knows your time is valuable, and we have tools and features available to help you resolve your product issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have incorporated several new features to help speed Service Request (SR) resolution time for common types of software issues.


PeopleSoft has resources and tools specifically designed to help you resolve your issue and get answers quickly, and without the time commitment of opening a Service Request (SR). Troubleshooting Assistants, Performance Advisors and Diagnostic Plugins are just a few of the tools you will find linked in the ‘Successful Service Requests for Faster Resolutions’ document 1993795.1.


No matter how proactive you are, there will still be times that issues occur that you cannot prevent or questions that require answers. As an Oracle customer, you have multiple channels to connect with the Oracle Support team and a multitude of resources to help resolve issues or answer questions. Oracle continues to enhance and broaden the capabilities and tools to help resolve issues faster. The document ‘Successful Service Requests for Faster Resolutions’ (Doc ID 1993795.1) outlines best practices when it comes to creating and working with a Service Request (SR) to enable speedier resolution times. The document also overviews our new Guided Resolution tool which uses logic, based on your specific situation to help guide you to existing Knowledge Management (KM) solutions.


You can share feedback or find out more by contacting the PeopleSoft Proactive Support team at:

HRMS 9.0 support will end in the summer of 2015, so what’s going to happen with Campus Solutions 9? The last HRMS 9.0 Bundle posted was HRMS 9.0 Bundle #26.  Will there be an HRMS 9.0 Bundle #27 and if not, what patches posted after HRMS 9.0 Bundle #26 should be applied? HRMS 9.0 Bundle #26 is the last HRMS 9 Bundle and there will not be an HRMS 9.0 Bundle #27.


Once HRMS 9.0 retires, Campus Solutions will deliver any required object changes.


There have been several HRMS patches posted after HRMS 9.0 Bundle #26 and the Campus Solutions  and  HCM Development teams are working on determining which, if any, of those patches have a direct impact on Campus Solutions.  If HRMS functionality is being used, such as North American Payroll, Global Payroll, Time and Labor, etc, those patches should be applied.


If you would like to follow this issue, please review Which HRMS 9.0 Patches posted after HRMS 9.0 Bundle #26 are required for Campus Solutions 9.0? (Doc ID 2004421.1) and mark that document as a Favorite by clicking on the hollow yellow star next to the title.  You can then subscribe to Hot Topics in My Oracle Support by going to Settings > Hot Topics E-Mail


If you need more information on applying maintenance to your Campus Solutions application, please review Campus Solutions 9.0 Maintenance Guidelines (Doc ID 703646.1) if HRMS functionality is being used, such as North American Payroll, Global Payroll, Time and Labor, etc, those patches should be applied.

If you follow the link to the recently posted Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #37 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Patchset 20397689 (Doc ID 2003231.1) you will find a great deal of reference material and a long list of “no problems found” entries.  While we hope that we never find any problems to list in this document, you and I both know that the application of maintenance is rarely problem free.  You can alleviate a lot of headaches stemming from the application of this recently posted bundle by reviewing this master note.

The intention of a Master Note for a Campus Solutions Bundle is to provide you with information regarding problems or issues with the application of the bundle, including any functional issues that have been reported and believed to be the result of applying this bundle.  In the Master Note, you will find sections for:


  • General Information on documentation, policy and the contents of the bundle
  • Problems applying the bundle, which will be continuously updated for any issues reported to Support
  • Functional problems attributed to this bundle in any of the Campus Solutions products

Before you apply this bundle, please review this master note and bookmark (by clicking the hollow yellow star next to the document title) it so that you can quickly revisit it during your planning and implementation phases.  If you are planning to apply any other bundles to your Campus Solutions product, please be sure to review the corresponding master notes, which can

Have you seen the recently updated Purchasing (Document 1381215.2) and eProcurement (Document 1358021.2) Information Centers? We have updated the Information Centers to list release 9.1 and 9.2 documentation separately. Also, some of the widgets under the “Use” and “Troubleshooting” pages have been revamped with better title descriptions and they display in clasped form for easier viewing.


Take advantage of our Information Centers today and browse through the list of Knowledge (KM) documents on product functionality, defect bugs, troubleshooting, FAQ’s, enhancement and much more. The Information Centers also list “new” defect bugs and product how to KM documents which makes it a great place to see the latest information for the eProcurement and Purchasing products.




We are working on updating our other Supply Chain Management (SCM) product Information Centers so be on the lookout for the new changes soon. For a complete list of our SCM product Information Centers and others see the Catalog Index of PeopleSoft Information Centers (Document 1427453.2).

The  PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page, doc id 1641843.2, tab Update Image Home Pages,  now includes a listing titled

Interaction Hub Update Image Home Page:

PUM Portal WP.bmp


Coming Soon! PeopleSoft Interaction Hub 9.1 customers will soon be able to take advantage of selective adoption and PeopleSoft Update Manager.


Review the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is Moving to Selective Adoption White Paper, for information about the impact to customer sites using the Interaction Hub product,  and what needs to be done to prepare.   This is posted to the PUM Home Page, tab Update Image Home Pages.


The White Paper is about our Interaction Hub product (previously called Enterprise Portal or Portal Solutions) release 9.1, that will soon be able to use PUM Images to apply maintenance.   This process is called "Selective Adoption".


Customers currently using Interaction Hub 9.1 can prepare to use Selective Adoption by upgrading to a minimum PeopleTools release of 8.53.10 or higher, or to any patch level of PT8.54.   The White Paper also lists additional requirements regarding PeopleTools releases and resolutions to be installed, depending on the PeopleTools release and if a site is English-only or Multi-Language.


To learn more about using PUM Images for applying application maintenance, please see the PUM Home Page, tab Learning About PeopleSoft Update Manager > then at left, Training and Resources > Training Links > PUM End to End training modules 1, 2, 3.

Are you ready to use Mobile Approvals?


If so, review the following document for instructions to guide you through installing Mobile Approvals for your PeopleSoft application.


PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals Installation Documentation (Doc ID 1990593.1)


This document discusses how to enable Mobile Approvals manually after having applied the delivered project using Change Assistant.


You can find the features and enhancements for Mobile Approvals in the most current update image for your PeopleSoft Application.


The above document also provides a list of BUGs (per pillar) that require these installation instructions.

Customers on releases 9.2, 9.1, and 9.0, who will be testing state withholding calculations after Tax Update 15-B should notice a change in the aggregate calculation of residence state withholding tax on supplemental wages paid to an employee for work performed in a state other than the employee’s residence state, under a specific set of conditions.


This issue has been tracked on Bug 17382133.  Be sure and check the examples on Note 1990074.1 for complete details on the upcoming changes.

As a result of changes to our HCM update schedule, there will only be five Payroll for North America Tax Updates in 2015.  For the current target dates for these postings, see Note 1937662.1.


Tax Update 15-C is targeted for mid-July.  We are anticipating that there will be some tax rate changes necessary prior to that date.  Our development team will post standalone updates for any required tax changes effective July 1, 2015 before Tax Update 15-C is posted.  Bookmark our Hot Topics Document, Note 1348833.1 for the latest information upcoming postings.

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