Have you seen the recently updated Purchasing (Document 1381215.2) and eProcurement (Document 1358021.2) Information Centers? We have updated the Information Centers to list release 9.1 and 9.2 documentation separately. Also, some of the widgets under the “Use” and “Troubleshooting” pages have been revamped with better title descriptions and they display in clasped form for easier viewing.


Take advantage of our Information Centers today and browse through the list of Knowledge (KM) documents on product functionality, defect bugs, troubleshooting, FAQ’s, enhancement and much more. The Information Centers also list “new” defect bugs and product how to KM documents which makes it a great place to see the latest information for the eProcurement and Purchasing products.




We are working on updating our other Supply Chain Management (SCM) product Information Centers so be on the lookout for the new changes soon. For a complete list of our SCM product Information Centers and others see the Catalog Index of PeopleSoft Information Centers (Document 1427453.2).