Check out this new Gartner report guiding customers on how PeopleSoft fits into their ERP strategy.  In this report Gartner separates PeopleSoft rumor from fact – debunking much of the fear, uncertainty and doubt about PeopleSoft’s viability and Oracle’s ongoing commitment in PeopleSoft.  Read it for yourself here:


Some of the highlights includes:


"PeopleSoft Selective Adoption — Oracle invested in the future of the suite with the enactment of PeopleSoft Selective Adoption enabled by PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) in release 9.2. PeopleSoft Selective Adoption is an attempt by Oracle to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the time required for upgrades and permit clients to adopt new functionality on a more frequent basis. This change has been well-received by the clients Gartner has spoken with. "


"Release 9.2 enhanced functionality — Feedback from clients indicates that the most popular functional enhancements to PeopleSoft in release 9.2 were WorkCenters and Pivot Grids, which increased productivity and ease of use."


"Major future enhancements — Moving forward, Oracle's R&D investment will be cooperatively planned across multiple product lines with each product line having distinct investment strategies.


"Evaluate PeopleSoft as You Would Any Other ERP Suite in the Postmodern Era

PeopleSoft is still a viable ERP solution for large enterprises and upper-midmarket companies requiring administrative ERP. Oracle has made some efforts with its partners to reduce implementation timelines and costs, and has made some recent improvements to reduce the cost to clients of staying current on releases."