AR Excel Upload [Step by Step]


Emil Dragan [AR & BI Support Team]


The AR & BI team created an up-to-date document on uploading Excel spreadsheets. The document covers the basic steps needed to setup and test a typical Excel upload scenario, and covers Domains, Gateways, Ping, URLs, Nodes, Routings, Parameters, Messages, Queues, Services, Handlers, XMLs, Web Libraries, Operation Monitors, and more!

  • Domain Status
  • Gateway Setup
  • Ping Gateway
  • Inbound Gateways
  • Gateway Properties
  • Gateway User Logins
  • Gateway URL and HTTPTARGET

Integration Setup 
  • Node Setup
  • Connectors & Ping Node
  • Routings [Activate]
  • Routing Definition [Sender Node and Receiver Node]
  • Parameters [External Alias]
  • Anonymous Node [Active]
  • PS_AR_DEP_EXCEL_XML Node [Active + User ID ]
  • Connectors  [PRIMARYURL is URL from Gateway]
  • Messages
  • Queue Definition [Queue Status = Run]
  • Services [AR_DEPOSIT_EXCEL]
  • Service Setup [Active + Service Operation Security]
  • Web Service Access [ALLPAGES has Full Access]
  • Handlers [Active]

Utilities Administration & Security 
  • XML [Link Function Page]
  • Security Permission List [WEBLIB_AR]

Excel Spreadsheet
  • Hyperlink
  • Web URL

Service Operation Monitor
  • Operation Instances
  • Error Messages

Full Step by Step Details in attached FMS Central May 2015 AR 9_2 Excel Upload Test.pdf. Due to focus on screen prints/shots, it is recommended to increase the zoom level to 150-200% for clarity.