The Supplier Relationship Management - PSFT (MOSC) (SRM) and Order Fulfillment, Costing, & Planning - PSFT (MOSC) communities will be merging to form our new “Supply Chain Management - PSFT (MOSC)” community space this Friday (May 15, 2015). You will soon be able to go to the one community (Supply Chain Management community) instead of going to two different communities for the SCM/SRM product area discussions. 


The new “Supply Chain Management - PSFT (MOSC)” (SCM) community will have all of the existing discussion threads and documents from the previous two old communities. Also the SCM community will have “Categories” which display discussion threads by product (i.e. eProcurement, Inventory, Order Management, Purchasing, etc). The Categories section is located on the left side of the community page, either under the Overview or Content tabs.


We encourage you to continue to use our MOS Communities and especially our new PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management community! The MOS Communities are a great place to ask questions on product features, upgrades, processes, etc… and to collaborate with other customers.


SCM Community.bmp