PeopleSoft Talk is a series of interviews, conducted by PeopleSoft Senior Director Marc Weintraub, featuring the leaders of the Oracle PeopleSoft team on the topics PeopleSoft customers want to hear about.
In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Mary June Dorsey about PeopleSoft Customer Support.

See the interview here:


Some of the topics included in this interview are:

  • Advantage of using MOS Communities
  • The change in nature of issues being logged to Support
  • How does Support replicate customer issues?
  • Do customers need to apply all fixes with PUM?
  • What is the relationship between Oracle Support and Development?
  • Navigating My Oracle Support
  • The volume of SR's being logged for 9.2 release


Mary June provides the following three reminders to our customers logging SRs:


  1. Ensure you have a maintenance strategy
  2. Remember to provide as much information as possible within the SR to help us solve the issue
  3. For upgrading customers, ensure that PUM is installed and its role is understood.