PeopleSoft Enterprise customers are probably familiar with the larger conferences for our products and industries.  Names like OHUG, Alliance, Collaborate and the big daddy of them all, Open World are bandied about without the need for an explanation of what they are.  If you are looking for a conference with a slightly smaller footprint and yet a detail oriented perspective, you may want to take a look at the Quest Reconnect conference next year.


Reconnect continues to grow, though it is a small conference with around 500 or so attendees.   This year there were 160 education sessions geared towards what we usually refer to as deep dives.  These are presentations that take basic functionality and look more closely at what’s available and how it all works.  Presentations and attendees tend towards generalists and technical end professionals and no single PeopleSoft product family is over represented at the conference


As in years past, Oracle Support participated by manning a booth on the exhibitors’ floor for the express purpose of connecting with our customers and answering questions or concerns about your support experience.  We also provided education sessions on topics for which we recognize a demand based on our own support experince  The presentations provided by Oracle Support were:


  • Daniel Naujokas - Application Engine Tracing and Problem Diagnosis
  • Xiaomeng Li – Integration Broker Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Andrew Palmer – Leveraging the Project Grants and the ESA Suite
  • Toni Reyes – US Taxes Setup and Calculation for North American Payroll


If you’re looking for a detail oriented conference, consider adding Reconnect to your agenda for next year.  Visit the Quest International Users’ Group web page for Reconnect and take a look at this year’s event to see if this might be something you’d want to try out next year.  If you do, be sure to stop by the Oracle Support booth and say hello to some of the people who may be supporting you and your PeopleSoft products.