Mohit Jain [FMS EX Team]


Alerts and Notifications via Email, Worklist etc., are common in PeopleSoft Systems. Automating Alerts for some custom actions/criteria has always been a need of Organizations. Some fabricate bolt on Processes, some achieve it via SQR’s and some even use Reporting Tools to accomplish this. PeopleSoft Enterprise Suite has delivered an Events and Notifications Framework that can be configured and automated for such highly desired functionality. The outputs can be in form of an Email Notifications, Worklist & Push Notifications and even XML Notifications to other systems.


There are three ways to use notifications:

  • Use pre-defined notifications
  • Define new notifications for a PeopleSoft process (Requires technical help of IT team)
  • Use PeopleSoft Query

We took up the following problem statement and setup notifications with the help of PS Query: Employees in an Organization who have unapplied Cash Advance (CA) pending in their queues are to be notified. They have to apply such CAs in their Expense Report to clear of the CA balance. A PS Query was created to pickup such transactions and using the Events and Notifications Framework Emails and Worklist reminders were sent. This utility can be setup at the following navigation:

  • Main Menu >> Enterprise Components >> Events & Notifications >> Notifications Framework >> Notifications Registry
  • Main Menu >> Enterprise Components >> Events & Notifications >> Alerts >> Alert Definition

The process to run the Alerts can be found at the following navigation:

  • Main Menu >> Enterprise Components >> Events & Notifications >> Alerts >> Run Alert
  • It is a Run Control page where the Query Options are given for Alert Generation. The process EOEN_ALERT picks up the inputs and performs the Alert action.


Information on how this use case was setup can be found in the screenshot document attached. Some of the additional features in this framework are -

  • The ability to override the setup at System and Business Unit levels.
  • Pre-Processing Exit: A preprocessing user exit tells the system to run another process before it determines who to notify.
  • Customizable Actions: Use this option if you have written your own application class for a customized action that can be taken when the alert condition is met.

  For more detailed information please read this PeopleBooks Chapter